Thursday, July 25, 2024

Good News Joe says Don’t Believe Your Lyin’ Eyes

By any objective measure, Joe Biden’s presidency has been an unmitigated disaster.

Pick any subject.

Immigration? Joe and his handlers have allowed 10 million illegal aliens to cross the border since he took office in 2021. This does not include “gotaways,” which are estimated at 1.7 million. Those are staggering numbers that stress our thin resources, raise crime levels and put enormous pressure on our safety net programs. Among these “good people,” 1,586 known terrorists were apprehended under Biden’s rule. No one knows how many were not.

Ukraine? Remember, Joe has some debts to repay relating to the influence peddling and racketeering scheme his son Hunter was running while on the board of Burisma. So, it’s understandable that Biden would want to protect those who know where the skeletons are buried. The end result is a $200 billion money pit proxy war that Ukraine can’t win, but Biden can’t afford to lose before the election. Eventually, the war can only end in one of two ways: either Ukraine cedes the land Putin wants, or NATO will put boots on the ground, and we’ll end up staring at Armageddon.

The economy? Bidenflation has caused prices to cumulatively rise by 20% since he took office. The acceleration in “sticky” inflation can be traced back to the reckless spending that began during the pandemic, when federal expenditures rose from $4.4 trillion to $6.5 trillion annually. The 47% increase in spending was a terrible idea, but at least it could be justified since we were in the midst of a natural disaster. However, as they always do, Democrats set the $6.5 trillion as the new spending floor, and as a result, Biden artificially infused an extra $7 trillion into the economy over three years in a desperate attempt to keep his constituency happy.

The results were predictable, and as inflation surged, the Fed raised the Fed Funds rate to 5.5%, where it has stayed for the better part of two years. This has had a chilling effect on affordability for housing, vehicles and other large ticket items. Worse, we know the free money party can’t continue. Interest on the deficit is now the second largest budget item and rising. Can you say sovereign debt crisis?

Energy and climate change? Perhaps the greatest Biden policy failure lies in his decision to restrict oil and gas production and invest heavily in unreliable renewable energy. Under Biden, it took the U.S. oil industry four years to surpass the level of production reached in 2019, and that was only because other oil-producing nations continue to cap their output, which, in itself, is a foreign policy failure. It’s also worth mentioning that despite their hatred of fossil fuel, the increase in U.S. oil production under Biden has been met with silence from radical leftist climate change groups.

 However, the biggest energy-related policy failures are the misguided forced adoption of electric vehicles and the rabbit hole of human cause climate change.

The Biden administration has invested $30.5 billion in EV development, which includes a national network of charging stations, battery production, rebates and other incentives. In return for their investments, taxpayers now have access to electric vehicles the majority of Americans don’t want. EVs are an environmental disaster, have range issues, cost too much, depreciate quickly, and the charging stations are unreliable.

Even worse, there were alternatives far less costly and disruptive than EVs. Synthetic fuel is a promising alternative to petroleum-based gasoline that can reduce tailpipe emissions by 70-90%. The most attractive feature is that it can be used in existing internal combustion engines without modifications. You read that right. There are several companies on the leading edge of this technology that are already producing synthetic fuel in significant quantities and are committed to expanding production to economies of scale. Yet, the Biden administration has only invested $121 million in research and development for synthetic fuel.


So far, Slow Joe has committed $100 billion to fight human caused climate change even though we have no idea if humans are impacting the climate at all. There isn’t a single experiment that confirms human involvement in a climate that is constantly evolving. Atmospheric water vapor, increased solar activity, changes in tidal activity, lack of volcanic activity and rotational changes in the earth’s orbit are all plausible explanations for the rise in ambient and surface temperatures. Until technology advances to the point where we can apply the scientific method to the climate change puzzle, spending this kind of cash on a theory is inexcusable.

In the meantime, wouldn’t it make more sense to apply these resources to mitigating the effects of climate change? For example, how much wildfire technology and manpower could $100 billion buy? How much flood-proofing construction could be completed for $100 billion?

You get the point.

Good News Joe Returns with a Vengeance

Despite all these abject failures that affect your life in such a negative way, Joe says that your lyin’ eyes are deceiving you. In fact, everything is great and couldn’t be better. For the life of him, Joe can’t figure out why 55% of the American people believe we’re in a recession.

The mainstream media agree with him.

See, the job market is strong, the stock market has reached new levels and economic output grew by 3% in the latest 12-month period. So, what’s the problem?

Frankly, Biden and his handlers have underestimated the intelligence of the American people and the impact of the depth of available information.

In today’s data centric world, many of us have taken the time to understand the long-term impact of the deficit and the price to be paid for juicing the economy with $7 trillion extra in borrowed money.

It’s one thing to tell people everything is great, but when they can’t cobble together enough cash for food, gas and rent, the words ring hollow. The truth is that under Biden, the average American family has lost $7,400 per year, but under Trump, families gained $6,600 per year.

The irony is that many pundits are blaming covid stimulus checks for the American public’s malaise. They claim people got hooked on the free money, and now that it’s gone, they’re pissed at Joe.

Maybe he needs to start writing checks again.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

In the coming months, at least until the election, you won’t hear much from radical groups, and the left will become unusually silent, unless there is a tragedy to exploit politically. You will see polls shifting to Biden and a continuous avalanche of stories proclaiming that America finally understands what a great job Slow Joe has done.

It’s all designed to stoke the lemming effect for the left while simultaneously discouraging America First patriots from voting in November.

Don’t fall for it. Biden is an unmitigated disaster, and everyone knows it.