Thursday, July 25, 2024

Liberals Who Think Men Are Women And Can’t Identify A Real One, Pick On Republican Women

This is going to sound incredibly judgmental, but so be it. I believe that all beauty, physical, mental, spiritual, and psychological, starts within, which explains why Conservative women are more attractive in all of those ways than radical leftist women.

Of course, another couple of reasons are that liberals can’t even define a woman, and they think that men can be women, which also speaks to the darkness within them. For instance, I just wrote an article about how the Canadian Cancer Society decided that the word “cervix” wasn’t inclusionary enough. Even though only women have them, they bowed down to the trans community.

“We recognize that many trans men and non-binary people may have mixed feelings about or feel distanced from words like “cervix.” You may prefer other words, such as “front hole.” We recognize the limitations of the words we’ve used while also acknowledging the need for simplicity. Another reason we use words like “cervix” is to normalize the reality that men can have these body parts too.”

This is just one example of how absurd things have become. It’s pure insanity that a supposedly legitimate organization like the Canadian Cancer Society would grovel at the feet of mentally ill men who think they are women. To even suggest that men can have a cervix is beyond ludicrous, but then to recommend using a grotesque term like “front hole” is disgusting.

Still, the fact that Conservative Republican women are grounded in reality didn’t stop a woke moronic writer for New York Magazine from trying to project all of their confused hatred onto them.

It’s laughable that the writer, whom I am guessing is a woman (check with her for confirmation if even she can tell), Rebecca Traister, apparently doesn’t like strong women who think for themselves. Of course, that isn’t surprising; everyone on the left hates everything they don’t understand and everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

This latest volume of “Traister Trash,” titled “How Did Republican Women End Up Like This,” proves beyond a doubt that Democrats have no respect for women. Traister claims to look at “The baffling, contradictory demands of being female in the party of Donald Trump.”

Translation: Traister and the Radical Left despise the fact that women can have levels of depth. In a post on X, the magazine stated that Traister “reports on the surprising evolution of the Republican woman, their wrath, sweetness, strength, and subservience to the MAGA right, observed.”

“As we cruise toward November with two ancient white men on the presidential ticket and the rights of millions of people who are not white men in the balance, the public performance of Republican womanhood has become fractured, frenzied, and far less coherent than ever.”

Seriously, Traister must have no mirrors in her house. If she did, she would see that everything she says is wrong. Republican women have opinions, which she calls fractures. Unlike the woke left, that thinks and speaks incoherently in lockstep. She also speaks of womanhood, which she clearly has lost touch with, if she ever was in touch with it in the first place.

Get this: Traister tries to project her insecurities onto Republican women, stating that they are “projecting traditional notions of compliant, cheerful femininity and channeling the testosterone-driven rage of the conservative infotainment complex.”

Wow, Traister can’t seem to resist being moronic. According to her, a woman projecting femininity is a bad thing. While displaying some toughness, like knowing how to use a gun safely is also wrong.

Naturally, she attacked Donal Trump Jr.’s fiancé, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and her “duck-lipped, smoky-eyed stylings,” as well as mocking RNC co-chair Lara Trump’s video and her “sequined pants and stilettos.”

Again, obviously, beauty and style upset her. She then made this totally delusional statement. Trust me, try not to gag when you read it. I tried, but I’ll admit I did.

Traister claims that the robotic, single-minded, agenda-driven:

“Women on the left conduct themselves with new ease and assuredness,” whereas the GOP’s “most visible” women offer “fevered performances of hyper-femininity and hypermasculinity.”

The responses on social media were not kind to this version of “Traister Trash.” However, it does clearly illustrate that radical Democrats are self-delusional as well as being outwardly so. Traister comforts herself with lies that align with the woke agenda she mindlessly pushes every day.

She sees independent thought and emotion as detrimental. She is blind to the fact that everything she really hates is within herself and has nothing to do with free-thinking, beautiful women.

The women/men on the left have become nothing more than Stepford clones. Perhaps in the future, Traister should think before she opens up her “Front Hole” —- not that one, the other one.