Thursday, July 25, 2024

Lunatic Socialist’s Fart, Burp, And Pee Tax Overturned In New Zealand

When tyrannical socialist Jacinda Ardern stepped down last year as the Prime Minister of New Zealand, every rational human being on the island collectively sighed. Ardern despised everything conservative and embraced everything radical—in fact, the more radical, the better.

During her six-year reign of leftist control, New Zealand became barely recognizable as part of the free world. After the Christchurch Mosque shooting, she banned certain types of semi-automatic weapons and vowed that climate change would be one of her top priorities.

Then, using the leftist rule of thumb to never let a crisis go to waste, Ardern really flexed her muscles when the coronavirus entered the scene—locking down the entire country for two years, including instituting unannounced snap lockdowns at her whim. Worst of all, she banned her New Zealanders from entering their own country and publicly stated her support of the idea of having two classes of citizens: those vaccinated and those unvaxed.

In 2020 she used the “plandemic” to her advantage by postponing the election, one she very well could have lost. Reports of suspected voter fraud were documented but never properly investigated, allowing Ardern to remain in power.

In her pursuit to control everything, her socialist compadres birthed a ridiculous scheme to tax emissions from the farts, burbs, and pee from farmer’s livestock. Breitbart News reported the hair-brained scheme as part of a plan to reset agricultural production to “tackle climate change.”

Her Labor administration referred to the tax as a farm levy and boasted that it would be the world’s first. Naively, they claimed that farmers could

recoup the cost by raising their prices to consumers. Right, if it was just that easy.

This week, New Zealand wisely decided to scrap the proposal to impose a tax on agricultural emissions, specifically methane from sheep and cattle. The government yielded to pressure from farmers who were concerned that this plan would negatively impact their profitability. Instead, the conservative government announced that it will form a Pastoral Sector Group, which will include representatives from the agricultural sector, to explore alternative methods for reducing biogenic methane.

Eliminating the tax designed by Ardern’s regime fulfills a campaign promise made by the conservative party if they were elected. The original plan was to charge farmers for their gas emissions from the end of 2025.

In New Zealand, humans are outnumbered by cattle and sheep. The country has 5 million residents, 10 million cattle, and 26 million sheep. It’s estimated that half of its greenhouse gas emissions, mainly methane, come from agriculture. However, to that, I say so what? Nothing that we, as humans or livestock, produce is negatively affecting the climate.

Terms for the new agreement have not been established, but Todd McClay, New Zealand’s Minister of Agriculture said, “It’s time for a fresh start on how we engage with farmers and processors to work on biogenic methane.” He also added that the government was still committed to meeting its climate change obligations.

It’s great news for New Zealand that Ardern’s reign of tyranny has come to an end. That said, all nations around the world are suffering under the globalist push to stop something that doesn’t exist. Imagine the progress on other real issues that could be made if the blind pursuit of this leftist farce came to an end.

Climate change doesn’t exist. Nature exists and she has never needed our help concerning her constantly fluctuating temperature cycles.