Thursday, July 25, 2024

Nike’s Swoosh Is Heading In The Wrong Direction

Nike’s tagline used to be “Just Do It!” Now, that line seems tarnished and hypocritical. The company is another example of a brand that decided to go woke and is subsequently quietly and slowly going broke.

The difference between Nike and companies like Anheuser Busch’s Bud Light & Target brands is that the latter two were cruising along when they decided to throw their faithful customers under the proverbial perverted bus. Nike’s decision is worse. They already had chinks showing up in their armor when they foolishly decided to alienate at least half of their customer base.

The hypocritical management of the company for years successfully used marketing bluster to cover the fact that they were exploiting the Chinese labor force, all the while hiding behind a falsified all-American image. Once the truth about that image began to crack as reports of the labor abuse trickled out, the quality of the product began to waver, and Nike’s image began to suffer.

The company then decided that it would be a good time to begin supporting radical leftist causes. Once again in their distorted reasoning, they decided to try and appear progressive by turning their backs on the majority of the country.

Nike has never seen a far-left cause that it wouldn’t embrace. However, the results have been disastrous. The company’s stock is in complete free fall, down nearly 25 percent over the past month, over 33 percent over the past year, and nearly 60 percent from its all-time high in November 2021. 

That caused the apparel giant to cut jobs at a massive rate. The Oregonian reported in December that the company quietly cut a lot of jobs from nearly all departments. 

In April, Nike not so quietly announced the layoffs of more than 700 employees at its Oregon-based headquarters. The Oregonian was once again all over this and acquired data on those layoffs, which showed that the company got rid of many high-ranking executives, including more than 30 vice presidents and more than 110 senior directors. 

The job cuts comprised many different departments, meaning Nike did not simply cut from an underperforming area. This makes sense since the entire company is underperforming badly. 

Nike’s overpriced products made under suspect circumstances can no longer be hidden by their empty hype. The Nike story is a lot like the Wizard of OZ. Once the wizard was exposed, nothing was ever the same, and I doubt Nike will ever be the same, either.

The company now faces much stiffer competition as more companies enter the sports apparel space and are either producing better products or cheaper ones. Nike, however, continues to spend more time worrying about marketing and less time thinking about its products. 

Nike’s cool factor is gone, and as they continue to bludgeon American values while living in their past glory days, their future looks bleak. Greater companies than Nike have come and gone in American history; that’s how capitalism works.

Nike has decided to remain in its cloud of hype and lies while ignoring how and where its products are produced and the quality the public receives. It has also decided to continue contributing to the corruption of American morals.

Nike lied to the entire country while pretending to be an “All American Company.”  Nothing about this company represents America or its values.

Like everything on the left, there is nothing substantial or real; everything is smoke and mirrors. Nike is the epitome of that, and frankly, we have had enough of this empty nonsense.