Friday, July 19, 2024

Traveling For The 4th, Fill Up The Gas Tank

I have made no secret that I have always known that the EV push and the “green deal” is a total farce. Leftists want you to forget the fact that electricity is, for the most part, produced by fossil fuels. They have also lied about how damaging mining for lithium and other necessities for EV car batteries is for the environment.

Still, the biggest lie involves the results of the finished product. After destroying the environment for what you need to make the batteries and lying about how the electricity is produced to power the vehicles, the finished product sucks.

EV’s are dangerous fire hazards. They are incredibly expensive to maintain, and very importantly, keeping them functioning and on the road during busy or chaotic times is not remotely feasible. Charging an EV is not like pulling into a gas station and filling up. First, you must locate a charging station; then, you may very well find yourself waiting in line. How long you wait in that line varies wildly. Realistically, it could be hours. If you do reach the charging station, you could then be there for an extended period of time, charging your own vehicle.

This is not conducive to traveling at any time of the year, but it is especially challenging during busy times such as holidays when thousands of other Americans are also traveling. An evacuation scenario is a perfect example that I have spoken about before. Imagine bumper-to-bumper traffic on the interstate with thousands of people evacuating from a hurricane. The results would be disastrous.

A recent survey supports these concerns. According to a McKinsey and Co., a global consumer survey found that 46 percent of American EV owners would like to go back to gas-powered vehicles when they buy their next vehicle, according to Automotive News. Worldwide, the figure was 29 percent.

“I didn’t expect that,” said Philipp Kampshoff, leader of McKinsey’s Center for Future Mobility. “I thought, ‘Once an EV buyer, always an EV buyer.'”

EV-related questions were part of a survey in which McKinsey asked over 200 questions to over 30,000 consumers in 15 different countries.

Not surprisingly, the survey found that a lack of charging stations was a major issue for EV owners. The American public should remember that the Biden administration’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program started two years ago, yet only eight charging stations exist so far due to the program. In fact, only 23 states have even handed out the money that was approved.

The issue of the charging station shortage is magnified by the relatively short travel mileage per charge. The survey noted that consumers want EVs to go farther now than they did in 2022. The survey found that the minimum range expectations for an EP averaged 291.4 miles, up from 270 miles in 2022.

According to a study by J.D. Power reported on Yahoo Finance, the high repair costs and frequency of repairs have made electric vehicle (EV) owners less satisfied with their vehicles. The survey, which included almost 100,000 people who bought or leased 2024 vehicles, revealed that internal combustion engine vehicles were preferred by the respondents within 90 days of purchasing their vehicles. Gasoline-powered vehicles averaged 180 problems per 100 vehicles, while battery-electric vehicles averaged 266 problems per 100 vehicles.

Frank Hanley, senior director of auto benchmarking at J.D. Power, said the EV owners “are experiencing problems that are of a severity level high enough for them to take their new vehicle into the dealership at a rate three times higher than that of gas-powered vehicle owners. It is not surprising that the introduction of new technology has challenged manufacturers to maintain vehicle quality.”

Ungifting is also an issue for EV owners. They might lose the current $7,500 federal subsidy approved by the Biden administration and a Democrat-controlled Congress, as reported by Bloomberg.

This is the hard truth for anyone who has purchased an EV. Your heart was in the right place, but your head was not. You have swallowed and digested all of the political rhetoric from the left that the earth was in danger and believed that if you and every other American switched to an EV, it would make a difference.

Seriously, WAKE UP! If every American purchased an EV, it would hurt the environment a hundredfold more than if we continued with fossil fuels. The damage produced during the mining and the inability to dispose of the waste has left the radicals no explanation for this ridiculous, moronic agenda.

Plus, and this is extremely important if we could reach the unnecessary and frankly totally unrealistic goal of net zero, nothing would change except for the massive inconvenience inflicted upon the American public.

We, as Americans, would be inconvenienced while the elite complete the greatest transfer of wealth in history.

We celebrate our Independence Day tomorrow. I pray that all of my fellow Americans travel safely and that you do it with a sense of Pride and Independence with a gas pump handle in one hand and a middle finger aimed at the line of cars backed up at a charging station.