Thursday, July 25, 2024

Why Biden Would Be Easier to Beat than Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris has been the most incompetent Vice President in the history of the United States. While Dan Quayle was no genius, Harris is not even capable doing basic interviews with left-wing media, and the one task Biden put in charge of, the border, was an unmitigated disaster. Kamala Harris has made clear over the last three years that she is not fit for leadership positions, including the Presidency.

Still, politics and governing are not remotely the same. Joe Biden is an incompetent, failing cognitively, and corrupt. The current President also has one of the worst records of any President in US history. Biden’s presidency has been even more incompetent that of Jimmy Carter, who presided over similar inflation and military failures. Biden has also lost significant support with the base of the party over his handling of what the left refers to as climate change and the administration’s support of Israel. The current President is struggling not just with independents, polls also show he’s lost significant support amongst younger voters and progressives as well. A recent poll by the USA Today found that 4 out of every 10 Democrats want Biden replaced. The polls also show that Trump has almost doubled his support in the black community to nearly 20 percent. A new June poll even shows Trump at 30 percent in the black community, and Trump has polled particularly well with younger black men.

This is why the Trump campaign has been smart to not push for Biden to be replaced. Even though Kamala Harris is incompetent as a leader, her candidacy would likely consolidate support with black voters and younger progressives. If Harris was the nominee the Democratic party could also bring in a new Vice Presidential candidate such as Josh Shapiro, the current governor of Pennsylvania who has a 59 percent approval rating in the state. The former California Senator is incompetent, and Trump leads against Harris in most polling data by nearly 2 percentage points, but Trump’s lead against Biden is more than a full percentage point higher in recent national polling data. Harris would also actually be able to travel and campaign, she would bring energy to the base of the party.

Kamala Harris would likely have no real appeal to independent or swing voters, but there are more Democrats than Republicans nationally and in key swing states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan. Harris would do better with younger progressive and the black vote, and those are key constituencies in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan. Michigan had the highest turnout of voters under the age of 30 in 2022, and the black vote is key in both these states as well with Philadelphia and Detroit both having large black communities.

Kamala Harris is incompetent and she would be a horrible President. She is also someone whose efforts to be President imploded because she could not debate or campaign successfully. The Vice President was inept as Attorney General in California and she’s been equally pathetic as Vice President, overseeing the worst border crisis in the country’s history. Still, Harris would bring energy to the base and her candidacy would give the corrupt liberal media an opportunity to use their usual race-baiting tactics to try to energize the black vote. Harris and Biden are both completely incompetent, but Harris right now would be the more formidable political opponent.