Tuesday, April 23, 2024

2022: The year of consequence

America turns 250 in 4 years. Young, compared to most countries. Yet, we’re sick and weak. We’ve taken a severe turn for the worse in the past couple of years. Hopefully, our condition is not terminal.

The upcoming midterms and local races are do or die for this great nation. We’ve run out of time. If we are to survive and reverse course, we need an unprecedented cleansing of Democrats and Republicans in name only at the polls this fall. We may very well get it.    

Leftism has spread quickly and metastasized throughout every significant American institution in the past several years.

Unelected Leftist bureaucratic ideologues have seized the inner bowels of the federal government, especially the Federal Dept. of Justice and the FBI. The agencies are no longer capable of fairly and justly enforcing the rule of law.

We witnessed a small glimpse of how bad it was as traitors like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Hillary Clinton masterminded a coup attempting to dig up dirt by spying on former President Donald J. Trump when he ran for office.  

We now know fully in extensive detail about their diabolical and illegal actions. There’s no more mystery, and yet, the crooked Hillary cabal will escape consequence. They got away with it and everyone knows it. Even the media.

Yes, it’s true, Special Prosecutor John Durham is still investigating. So what? Democrats are rarely held accountable for their obvious and in plain sight illegalities within the confines of the Beltway.

The legacy media is now full on corrupt and in cover-up mode. Media types no longer hide their bias against capitalism and freedom- loving Americans.

The blackout of the Hunter Biden story during the last presidential election was a point of no return for traditional media. They committed credibility suicide all in the name of “getting” Trump.  

How will a nation survive when crooked elites are free to commit their dastardly deeds in daylight with impunity?

If their success continues, America will barely resemble that city on a hill by the time she turns 300.   

And then there’s Joe Biden. No need to waste time documenting his failures in his short time occupying the White House. They are too many to list.

Even low information voters and the simple-minded realize their dollar doesn’t buy what it used to. Groceries, gas, cars, everything is more expensive.

Biden prints and spends, and your dollar shrinks.

Wait until this winter. Natural gas prices have tripled in recent weeks under Biden’s war on the fossil fuel industry. It’ll cost three times as much to heat your home in northern climates this winter. Just in time for the November midterms.

Store shelves are empty, baby formula is scarce. Try ordering a part for a washing machine. It’s going to get worse.

Biden policies means the average new home buyer’s mortgage will cost an extra $500 a month.

The world watched in amazement when the wealthy country of Venezuela deteriorated into abject poverty under only 14-years of Marxist Hugo Chavez’s presidency. China Joe Biden is giving Chavez a run for his money.

Is America destined to follow the path of other countries seduced and then destroyed from within by despot Marxists? We don’t know but it’s going to be close.

The good news is most of us didn’t sign up for Biden’s America.

The senile, feckless, and feeble Biden’s rise to power is a result of a lying media, scheming big tech, and questionable election integrity.

We have not lost this country, yet. Most Americans still possess embedded in their DNA a deep love of freedom.

The legacy media can’t hurt us anymore. Newspaper subscriptions and CNN’s ratings are in a freefall. Only the most severely brainwashed Leftist would believe the legacy media.

Biden has so damaged his party’s brand, even Mark Zuckerberg and his censoring and targeting of conservatives can’t help the wildly unpopular Democrats now.  

We have a long way to go to bring back free and fair elections, but it is happening one state at a time. Courageous conservative governors will lead the way.

One could argue Democrats and go-along-to-get-along Republicans are so unpopular, election crooks and ballot harvesters can’t manufacture enough votes to overcome the tidal wave of rebellion surging among freedom-loving Americans.

And then there are the children. The demonic Left has its sites set on our kids. Drag Queen Story Hours are designed to persuade tots as young as five they should contemplate changing their gender. And to utterly demoralize their parents.

The dismantling of female sports in the name of advancing transvestitism does not sit well with the often-referenced suburban moms. These are the mothers we’re told hate Trump. You know what they hate more? Having their daughter shower with and compete with a dude who thinks he’s a girl.

There’s reason for optimism. It’s time to take our country back.

Dan Fagan hosts a talk radio show for IHeart Media and is a regular contributor at RVIVR.com.