Thursday, July 18, 2024


At National Review, Stanley Kurtz lays out yet another example of why the Republican Party has got to shed the losers and weaklings of the NeverTrump variety – one of the most important and necessary of them being Bill Cassidy…

The misleadingly named “Civics Secures Democracy Act” (CSDA) — just now reintroduced in Congress — will allow the Biden administration to push Critical Race Theory (CRT) on every public school in the country. Over a six-year period, this $6 billion pot of competitive grant money will create a de facto national curriculum — just like Common Core. States desperate to tap into the federal gravy train will have to tailor their civics and history grant proposals to the Biden administration’s liking. And abundant evidence shows that Biden’s Education Department is pushing CRT. So why are some Republican senators eager to help Biden spread CRT? I can’t think of a quicker way to devastate Republican enthusiasm just before the midterms.

I can, and Cassidy is already doing it – that idiotic gun control deal he’s in cahoots with John Cornyn and the other Stupid Party weaklings, which has already shaved off four points from the GOP’s congressional generic ballot lead. But in any event…

It doesn’t matter that federal law and the bill itself disclaim the authority to formally impose a curriculum on the states. The strings that Biden’s bureaucrats will attach to these massive federal grants will suffice to lure states into adopting CRT. The left-leaning bureaucrats who staff education departments even in red states already favor CRT (those bureaucrats will write the grant applications and divvy up the money). And Biden long ago signaled his intention to prioritize applications that promise CRT.

If CSDA passes this summer, as its sponsors hope, a Republican victory in the midterms will come too late to prevent the federal imposition of CRT. But what will happen when voters discover just months before the midterms that Republicans have betrayed them by using federal power to push CRT on the states? The Civics Secures Democracy Act is education madness and political suicide all wrapped up in one.

Cassidy and Imhofe, who used to be a fairly reliable conservative but is now old and retiring, jumped into this boiling cauldron after President Trump trashed the CSDA a week ago in a speech. Most of the better conservative commentators on education have raised the alarms about this bill and how it will wave federal money at the states as an inducement to take up civics standards which are hideously woke and turn elementary and secondary schooling into the same anti-American leftist indoctrination camps that colleges age.

And yet Cassidy wanders in.

One wonders whether he’s doing this just to defy Trump. It might just be that simple and stupid.

It’s hard not to see the irony here, of course, because all last year Bill Cassidy couldn’t stop putting his mug all over every Sunday Show and CNN gabfest he could to lecture Americans about how Republican success was contingent on “making good policy” rather than Trumpian mean tweets or preoccupation with the 2020 election.

That was a stupid narrative, of course, because if it’s true that the other side is ballot-harvesting their way to making elections irrelevant then your “good policy” is the electoral equivalent of a warm bucket of spit and if you’re not willing to at least concede there were disturbing irregularities surrounding the conduct of that election then it’s obvious you can’t be trusted either to view the political landscape clearly or to do the right thing upon being presented with the reality that the other side doesn’t share your values.

Or worse, that they do share yours but you don’t share ours.

But the real irony comes that this turns out to be the “good policy” Cassidy thinks will deliver the GOP from the political wilderness. Opening the door for all-out Critical Race Theory disguised as American civics by co-opting federal taxpayer funds, and signing on to a Democrat bill to do so.

After he signed on to the trillion-dollar Biden infrastructure boondoggle, which has fueled a recessionary inflation and crushed American families.

That’s good policy according to Bill Cassidy. And people like him call themselves Republicans.

We can’t excommunicate these losers and send them into the political abyss fast enough.

A new GOP is coming. Chop chop, fellas.