Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Congresswoman Blasts Biden Administration For Using Money Intended For Poor Americans On Illegals Instead

It is no secret we have a migrant crisis on the border with Mexico. In April of this year, the U.S. Border Patrol apprehensions were at a 22-year high.

In March of last year, the Biden administration directed FEMA to spend $110 million to house and feed illegal immigrants. The money came from the Emergency Food and Shelter Program which is intended to be used on homeless Americans.

Congresswoman Kat Cammack (R-Florida) appeared on Fox News and blasted the Biden administration for taking money that is intended for poor Americans and using it on illegal immigrants.

From Fox News:

The people who [Democrats] claim to represent the most, working-class families and families and individuals at risk. They are the ones that are suffering the most under their policies. It’s absolutely mind-blowing to me that FEMA, the Emergency Management Agency of the United States, is operating at the border, yet they can’t bring themselves to call it a crisis. I think it’s about time to call a spade a spade. It is, in fact, a crisis. But more than that, to add insult to injury, they are spending millions of dollars intended for those individuals and families most at risk for homelessness. Instead, they’re sending that money to the border to house illegals and in fact, we uncovered over $260 million in the last two years that has gone to house and feed illegals at the border instead of giving that money, as it was originally intended, to families that are on the verge of homelessness. Tell me that’s not a clear distinction and show of priorities for this administration

This is typical of the America-last policies of the Biden administration. They are literally taking money that is intended for poor Americans and instead is using that money to house people who should not even be in this country.

Despite what the far-left says most people are not anti-immigrant or racist. They just want a secure border with controlled immigration.

But the Biden administration is ideologically committed to open borders. They believe that they can benefit by altering the demographics of the country. But the problem for them is that Hispanics appear to not be going along with them.

Taking money away from poor Americans and spending it on illegals is a choice. The Biden administration wants to do everything except secure the border.