Thursday, July 18, 2024

That Pain At The Pump Is Maliciously Inflicted On You By Politicians Who Suck

It’s important that America understands, in an age of $5-per-gallon gasoline, that this isn’t an accident.

Your pain wasn’t inevitable. It isn’t the product of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. A meteor didn’t come and wipe out our supplies of gasoline.

It’s the result of policies deliberately instituted by Joe Biden and his handlers. Those policies were intentionally, with malice aforethought, put in place to harm you and to force you to change your life.

And not for the better.

Betsy McCaughey had an excellent piece at the New York Post yesterday making this point…

If you think gas prices are high now, just wait. They’re going much higher, thanks to President Biden’s “irreversible” plan to eliminate fossil fuels. Truth is, your pain at the pump is being planned and executed by the White House.

Over the weekend, buyers paid $5 a gallon or roughly $100 bucks to fill the tank.

Gas prices have doubled since Biden took office. J.P. Morgan analysts predict $6 a gallon by August. And experts warn this crisis will continue even after Biden’s term ends because he’s dismantling fossil fuel production.

When Biden was running for president, he promised to shut down oil producers: “No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period.” He pledged to put the country on “an irreversible” path toward “doing away with” fossil fuels.

On Day One as president, Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline, sending a message of no new pipelines anywhere, period.

In the months that followed, he stopped all sales of leases to drill on federal lands or offshore, meaning zero new leases allowing oil to be brought out of the ground.

And in September, House Democrats introduced legislation to stop banks from lending money or investing capital for new or expanded fossil fuel production. That legislation hasn’t passed, but it sent a clear message. The oil industry is being shut down.

As McCaughey noted, when Biden went on Jimmy Kimmel’s softball-fest last week he stumbled through a lie blaming all this on the oil companies. Biden specifically decried all the profits being made by ExxonMobil, which got him a snootfull of blowback when that company defended itself by refuting everything Biden said.

Before gas prices ballooned out of control, practically every member of the so-called Democrat intelligentsia was pleasuring themselves over the concept that they would finally wean us off fossil fuels. They passed idiotic fuel efficiency standards which made carmakers incapable of satisfying demand, which is why you see “market adjustments” on new cars making the prices so ridiculously high as to be unaffordable by regular Americans and even used cars are now priced beyond reach in too many cases. Then they went after oil production every way they could.

They’re wrecking the energy economy with affirmative policies they dreamed up. These people are not intelligent, but they’re also not quite stupid enough not to know what would come from disrupting the supply of gasoline.

They’re forcing you into public transportation. That’s what they want. They’re attempting to deny you freedom of movement using the environment as their ruse.

Don’t discount this. And definitely don’t give these people the benefit of the doubt or chalk the current economic malaise up to incompetence.

It isn’t incompetence. It’s malice. Remember that in November – and before and after. Particularly when you see them noodling about the next aspect of your life they’re going to disrupt.