Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Disney-ESPN Parades Depraved Race Baiting Yet Again

We would have used Stephen A. Smith’s name in the title, but ultimately we know that he is just a useful puppet for a grander scheme being employed by ESPN, which itself is just one of many tentacles of the woke Walt Disney corporation.

Disney, of course, is also under the control of other even more insidious players, but we don’t have all day to parse them out to illustrate exactly what powers are behind the latest moronic commentary produced by talking heads like Smith and his nodding compadre in the clip, Ryan Clark.

They are infamous pot stirrers, these two, and when Washington assistant coach Jack Del Rio said what he said a few days ago, anyone with a pulse could have guessed what would happen next.

It is precisely why we ran an article beseeching Drew Brees not to apologize two years ago this month–not ten minutes before his oh-so-official, canned apology did in fact come.

Certain demographics of people in this country can’t say anything of substance without being condemned for it. And when that condemnation comes, all too often the individual not only has to issue an apology, but must forfeit his dignity as well.

As Drew Brees did in tragic fashion that summer of 2020.

This is what Del Rio said:

Yesterday, the so often cringeworthy Stephen A. Smith said that Del Rio cannot comprehend the magnitude of the destructive and deadly BLM riots from 2020 because he is white.

No, let’s spell it the way Smith emphasized it—“whiiiite.”

So, according to Smith, because “he’s not black,” because he is “ignorant,” and because he is “oblivious,” Del Rio should have to have a “conversation” about his views on the 2020 riots that lasted several months, amassed $2 billion in damage, destroyed businesses, ruined countless lives, caused untold amounts of emotional suffering, and oh yeah killed dozens of people.

If you look like Del Rio, you keep your opinion to yourself and just accept the lie that corporate media has fed you, that the riots were mostly peaceful. Or, at the very most you should expect for yourself, you should, yes, express your ignorant, oblivious opinion for everyone to hear so that a black person can come shake your hand and request a conversation with you about it.

The truth is that most folks don’t need a refresher on the black plight to know that burning, looting, assault, and homicide are generally not good things.

You shouldn’t have to explain what you knew your eyes and common sense alike were telling you all along…

As an aside, we hesitate to even put this above graphic here because if one knows anything at all about the Jan. 6 events at the Capitol, they know that this “right-wing” riot was actually a Constitutionally-protected mass peaceful protest hijacked by far-left extremists, including those from Antifa.

But we digress here to stick to the point–the wicked agenda of Disney-ESPN.

In the segment, Smith said a whole lot about inviting a conversation between blacks and whites, as if that was his main premise, but anyone who watches that knows the underlying propaganda. You can’t say someone is ignorant and oblivious and whiiiite and then sugarcoat it with things like Americans having a conversation.

Because we all know what happens to the Del Rios of the world when they give their opinions like this in an effort to start said conversation.

As the old saying goes, you can’t piss on someone’s leg and tell them it’s raining.

This woke and evil corporation selects what it will express outrage over, a selection so often based on dividing Americans. The staged “conversation” Smith and Clark engaged in is typical of ESPN. Actually, Clark for the most part just looked angry and nodded his head the whole time. This is the same Clark, a former LSU defensive back, who refused to work with Sage Steele after she dared to challenge the company’s vaccine mandate.

Del Rio and his whiteness committed the unforgivable crime of calling a spade a spade, of presenting the truth as the truth. He was so audacious as to actually offer an opinion that might diversify the discourse of public opinion, and he was slapped with a reprimand and a $100,000 price tag by the Washington organization. He has deleted his Twitter account and will likely be crucified even more as the days progress.

Unfortunately it is the likes of ESPN who hold the nails and hammer in our society. And companies like them receive their tools of death and marching orders from powers above that are absolutely trying to destroy the fabric of this country. So maybe we shouldn’t call these talking heads incompetent or clueless as much as they are pathetic extensions of a much darker force in the shadows. Knowing that the enemy goes beyond what we see on an electronic screen is the bulk of the battle we must wage in this raging culture war. Such knowledge will help patriots who are waking up join the millions who have already turned off these manipulative and destructive programs.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.