Friday, April 12, 2024

The Revivalist Manifesto Is Now Available For Pre-Order!

The fight to preserve America has entered a new stage, and the challenges are enormous – but so are the opportunities. What’s needed is a guidebook and an articulation – of reality, of values and of tactics.

Scott McKay, publisher of and columnist at The American Spectator, provides just that in his masterful new book The Revivalist Manifesto.

Do you feel like America is coming apart? It isn’t. This is still a beacon of freedom for the entire world. But what is coming apart is the current political era – the welfare state, the government-academia complex, the regulatory state, the foreign adventurism.

And a new era is about to begin. The fight is on to dominate this new era.

On the Left, liberals have given way to woke socialists. On the right, the old corporate-driven establishment and its tepid relationship with conservatism has given way to a new breed of American revivalists. Not satisfied with a slow bleed of American culture, values and economic standing, these conservatives are ready to go on offense.

To fight. To win.

The Revivalist Manifesto shows how that can be done.

It’s a book that comes just in time for conservatism, for traditional Americans and for the greatest country the world has ever known.

The Revivalist Manifesto publishes on June 21. Click here to order your advance copy for just $18!

“The fight for freedom today has entered uncharted territory because the Left has now abandoned all its ties to conscience, common sense, and the Constitution. McKay understands this clearly, and his book is an urgent and necessary call to arms.”

– Congressman Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana)

“Scott McKay has written a treatise on where conservatism has come from, but more importantly, where conservatism should go. His is an optimistic vision that will revitalize America if embraced. Conservative leaders take note!”

– Melissa Mackenzie, Publisher, The American Spectator