Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Hmmm…How Much Did Trump Know in This Telling Chat with Ukraine in 2019?

If you followed and still follow President Donald Trump you suspect he quite often says things that have either a double meaning or at least a hidden one. This seems likely because of how events eventually play out after he says it. It’s like he knows something. He is the master troll.

I realize I may not share exactly the same beliefs about Trump as even many fellow revivalists, but I also know there are millions of Americans who believe something is up and has been up with him the whole time, even going as far as to wonder if Trump intentionally allowed the election steal to happen just so the rest of the RINO rats and hidden enemies could be exposed not only to him and the administration, but more importantly, to American citizens needing to be shown the truth and not just told it.

Just consider all the information that has come out since the 2020 election steal. Consider the swamp rats exposed. Consider how much exactly Americans are revolting against public enemies like Twitter, Netflix, Disney, Hollywood, and the professional sports world, just to name a few.

None of this happens with a Trump victory. All it would have been was Americans tuning in to these vicarious and mentally deadly escapes just to avoid the latest Trump witch hunt they would have concocted on MSNBC.

Yes, the economy sucks. Yes, it is hard. But think about it–people are getting pissed off in numbers that may actually make it matter in winning this information and cultural war.

I realize all of that is a stretch, but given my research and a concept called devolution (debunked by Mike Rothschild, thereby making me more apt to consider its veracity), I have come to consider the theory a legitimate possibility while not fully subscribing to it. I also realize there is other research out there and I may be a victim of confirmation bias when I go digging.

Still, it’s finds like this one from September of 2019 that make me go “hmmm…”

I have explored an alternative, non-mainstream perspective of Ukraine in four previous articles, and will not be rehashing much of the content there because this article would get entirely too unwieldy. Suffice it to say that if you have the time, read the following articles in conjunction with this one. It may shock you to see the dots potentially being connected.

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Here is the video in question. It is spliced in a way that shows that something drastically changes with Ukrainian Resident Zelenskyy’s body language when Trump brings up Putin and Russia as opposed to the European Union:

There are myriads of articles surfacing in the last couple months commenting on this video. It is mainstream-based of course, largely not flattering to Trump.

But I want to offer some other possibilities today.

If one considers what I’ve said in previous articles about mainstream media lies, the US money laundering outfit in Ukraine, and the Biden family’s central role in deadly pathogen research in secret biolabs, Zelenskyy’s reaction may make more, or at least different, sense. Consider also that it was exactly during this time in 2019 that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were whipping their weapons together for a sham impeachment of President Trump over a July phone call to Zelenskyy.

Here is a complementary excerpt from one of the above articles:

Fast forward a few years. In a phone conversation with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy in July 2019, President Donald Trump asked him “to do us a favor” by investigating…the “role of Biden and his son, Hunter, whose appointment to the board of a Ukraine energy company, Burisma, had been the subject of a corruption allegation in the Eastern European country. 

This conversation and the aftermath was a leading reason for Impeachment Hoax No. 2 later that year and into 2020, right in the beginning of the Covid drama. And that there is another story for another day.

Everything connects, I frequently tell you.

Trump was right, once again. Of course, at the time he released the following tweet in October 2020, he was just crazy-man, mean-tweeting Trump leading his QAnon conspiracy theorists down their silly little delusional road.

See how tangled these tentacles are? Even the entire Trump-Zelenskyy-Pelosi-Impeachment Hoax stems from Ukraine and the Biden family’s criminal dealings, not to mention the Obama administration’s endorsement of it. Why Trump was holding back military aid for Ukraine and why congressional Republicans were upset with Trump for doing so should make more sense now that we are funneling billions and billions and billions more to Ukraine now in 2022.


I don’t necessarily believe that Russia is our eternal ally, not at a glance, anyway. But I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility to think that a proud nation like Russia under Putin and a proud nation like the United States under Trump would form at least a temporary alliance to combat an even greater enemy–the Deep State globalists whose entire drive is to end healthy, patriotic nationalism. They did as much in the middle east when it came to defeating ISIS. I link a corporate media website there, dated mere weeks after Trump’s inauguration, to illustrate what the mainstream does. What ended up happening to ISIS after this article was put out?

The two nations also came together in World War II. It is not out of the realm of geopolitical history for a nation to say the enemy of my enemy is my friend, at least for now. Take a look at this curious interaction between Putin and Trump back in 2018 where the Russian President cryptically tells his guest that “the ball is now in your court.”

There is something inside that ball.

I’ve been observing this type of mysterious trolling by certain players the Deep State globalists war against since 2017, maybe since 2016, when Trump was still running for the presidency. It is quite interesting.

Yes, that means the Deep State globalists are in opposition to Vladimir Putin. Now are we going to side with the globalists just because the mainstream media tells us over and over–Russia bad bad bad?

It is why I keep saying, we really want to consider what we are touting when we say “I Stand With Ukraine.”

I feel sorry for the innocent people of Ukraine, because they are being governed by a swamp, just as we Americans are now. In my opinion, and millions of others’, it is what Trump was and is still fighting. It is why media, government, and celebrities alike hated and still hate him with such vitriol. He knows. They’ve “caught them all,” as he continues to say.

Indeed, in that video above, Zelenskyy looks like a man who has been caught. Even a CNN report by Erin Burnett in OutFront discusses how utterly awkward it is.

Since then we have discovered that Zelenskyy was active in covering up Ukrainian involvement in the Deep State/US biolabs all over the country, but particularly on the very eastern border of Russia.

My opinion: Trump was trolling Zelenskyy and sending a message, as he is apt to do. Trump was threatening him when he said he and Putin should “get together.”

Trump knew. And he is still acting behind the scenes, sometimes front and center for everyone to see, on that knowledge.

I know life is slow, torturous treading right now, waiting for justice, waiting for truth, waiting for victory. But the fact is that this revolution cannot be won by Trump and the immediate people around him. If in fact Trump did allow the steal of the century to happen, it proves he was never interested only in power and his own legacy as a two-term president. It strongly suggests that he took a temporary fall in order to allow time and opportunity for the subsequent mass revolt taking place in America right now to pass. We had to wake up. We had to take part.

Trump is a master of the comeback. He even showed how much he relished it once upon a time.

That said, there are still not enough Americans aboard. If we want to speed up mass revival and reform, everyone needs to do what they can to join the fight. Some of us are wishing upon a star for some mythical sense of normal that will never return. And thank God for that, actually. Unfortunately, it may take a precipice moment to truly reveal to all Americans exactly how much trouble we are in with the globalist enemies out to annihilate us.

We the People must continue to wake up to the nefarious assaults that have been hurled against us in secret for decades now, and must not sit on our hands in the fight. It is not time to be a sunshine patriot. The great American Revival’s success will take patriots as stalwart and courageous as any martyr-soldier who has ever died for this country.

Trump Interview in 1980

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.