Saturday, July 20, 2024

Join Us At Noon For A LIVE Facebook Event On The Revivalist Manifesto!

As our readers know I’ve got a new book out. And today at noon central we’re going to spend a whole hour talking with you guys about it. 

It’s called The Revivalist Manifesto, and I’m making the rounds talking about it on radio shows, podcasts, and the like. For example, Monday night I was on for an hour with Rich Valdes as he guest-hosted the Jim Bohannon Show, and that was actually a pretty good discussion. Last night I did Dave Sussman’s show on the Salem Radio Network, and that was another good discussion. Next week I’ve got a bunch more coming, including a segment Wednesday with Michael Berry and an early-morning hit Tuesday with Real America’s Voice TV host Steve Gruber. The schedule is filling up pretty quickly.

And of course there was this if you didn’t see it, which was an interview The American Spectator publisher Melissa Mackenzie and I did about the book:

So far it seems like these things are well-received, and the book appears to be climbing up the rankings on Amazon. Though the folks at Bombardier Books have admonished me not to keep hitting refresh every few minutes to see where it is. That advice is easier given than heeded, I confess.

But today at noon central time, Speakeasy app manager Holly Sanders and I are going to be doing a live interactive event on Facebook talking about the book and revivalism. It’s the first of several we’ll be doing over the next few weeks, which might ultimately result in the long-overdue launch of the American Reviver podcast some of you have been telling me I need to do but don’t have time for.

Here’s a link to it. Click on the image…

Of course, there’s a whole lot more than that to the book. You should grab a copy and read it, and then you’ll see.

And for other revivalist stuff, check out the new site. It doesn’t just have its own content; it aggregates news and video from all over the web.