Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Those People Don’t Share Our Values. Act Accordingly.

If you’re a fan of America as founded, that makes you at least a conservative and increasingly a revivalist.

And when we say America as founded, what we’re talking about is not muskets, sailing ships and indentured servitude. The only people interested in taking us back to a time before the Industrial Revolution are the Green New Deal crowd. What we mean is the spirit behind the founding documents of the country.

That this is to be a nation of citizens who govern ourselves and are not under the thumb of some potentate. That the government should fear the people, because therein is liberty, rather than the reverse.

And that we must be a moral, virtuous people to satisfy the civic responsibility which undergirds and makes possible the civil liberty granted to us by our Creator and guaranteed by our constitution.

Increasingly, if you believe these things you’re at least a conservative and probably a revivalist. We can say that because the Left doesn’t believe them. Has never believed them. Expressly denies them now.

This isn’t hyperbole.

Most Democrats believe the U.S. Constitution is fundamentally “racist” and “sexist,” a Rasmussen Reports survey released Wednesday found.

Overall, 82 percent of likely voters have at least a “somewhat” favorable view of the Constitution, compared to 14 percent who do not.

While a majority of Republicans, Democrats, and independents view the Constitution at least “somewhat” favorably, most Democrats, specifically, believe the founding document is rooted in racism — 57 percent. Most Republicans (84 percent) and independents (60 percent) disagree that the Constitution is rooted in racism. 

Respondents were also asked if they believe the Constitution is “a sexist document that gives men advantages over women.” Most, 56 percent, disagree with that statement, as do 77 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of independents. Most Democrats, however, 64 percent, believe that the document is sexist and gives men advantages over women. Of those, 32 percent “strongly” agree with that assertion. Perhaps what is more, 49 percent of Democrats believe the Constitution should be “mostly or completely rewritten,” compared to 47 percent of Democrats who disagree. 

The idea that the Constitution is racist because it was written by white men is moronic. The people who believe that claptrap have likely never heard of Frederick Douglass, the founder of American civil rights advocacy who was born a slave, who found in the Constitution a near-perfect construct for the perfection of the human condition and whose life’s work was to hold America to fulfilling the charge found in the document.

Modern Democrats know nothing of Douglass’ perspective. They don’t even know much of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s perspective which was quite similar to Douglass; King didn’t disparage our founding documents; he asked us to do a better job of living up to them.

But Democrats have moved on from Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King, Jr. to Ibram X. Kendi and Stacey Abrams. They would throw away the greatest expressions of mankind’s claim to individual liberty, freedom of conscience and self-government ever laid down on paper because of the heritage and color of skin of their writers.


It’s worse than that. Here’s what else Rasmussen found…

Most of President Joe Biden’s strongest supporters are in favor of rewriting the Constitution. Among voters who Strongly Approve of Biden’s job performance as president, 54% at least somewhat agree that the Constitution “should be mostly or completely rewritten.” By contrast, among voters who Strongly Disapprove of Biden’s performance, just 10% agree that the Constitution should be rewritten and 81% Strongly Disagree with rewriting the Constitution.

Now, there are people out there on the Right who favor a Convention of States which would propose a slate of constitutional amendments. But this is not the same thing as what Rasmussen’s pro-Biden respondents are favoring. The Convention of States folks are talking about things aimed at recreating, at least in part, the governmental conditions of our founding. Returning the Senate to the control of state legislatures rather than selecting senators by popular vote, for example. Congressional term limits to create more citizen legislators. Amendments to strip federal power and return it to the states. Repealing the amendment creating the federal income tax. And so on.

But the Democrats don’t want to recreate the governmental conditions of the founding. They want the opposite. They want an all-powerful federal government headed by an imperial executive branch whose president is elected by a national popular vote, meaning all the elections will be focused on winning the New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Houston and Dallas metro areas. And they want a Supreme Court packed with just enough justices to rubber-stamp Democrat-passed legislation – with no checks on power in Congress like the filibuster, mind you – and to block Republican-passed legislation.

They want no Fourth Amendment protections, limited First Amendment protections and the Second Amendment done away with completely.

And they want social credit scores, universal basic incomes, government-provided abortion on demand, a nonexistent border, government-provided health care for every warm body who wanders into the country, “antiracist” education, puberty blockers for every kid who gets confused by transgender activism taught in public schools, and “red flag” laws applying to countless situations in which dissenters would like to participate in civic or commercial life.

And a cashless society in which government agencies run the banks and deny financing to those who aren’t favored because of out-of-fashion political and cultural beliefs.

Again, this is not hyperbole. These are positions which are widely held by regular Democrats or the party’s ruling elite.

And all of them reflect the very disdain for the Constitution that Rasmussen found in that poll.

If you believe in the Constitution and its principles, you believe in America as founded. And you’re going to have to fight for it, because there are no accommodations which can be made with people who despise it.

And you.

The American revival begins when a critical mass of people show the other side that we are willing to have that fight, and to use the more-than-sufficient effective, nonviolent means at our disposal to win.

Let’s start today.