Saturday, May 18, 2024

Climbing Back up the “Slippery Slope”

With the US Supreme Court’s recent overturn of Roe vs Wade, an immense shift is coming for the Conservative movement.

In one of my previous pieces, I mentioned how the Conservative Movement is filled with “Beautiful Losers”. That reality is still largely the same. However, the overturn of Roe vs Wade is a complete game-changer.

Of course, saving babies from the barbaric practice of abortion is the primary victory from the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Dobbs vs. Jackson case. Nevertheless, a lesser-discussed victory came from this decision.

In his concurring opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas made this crucial comment:

“For that reason, in future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell …”

Now, those three past Supreme Court cases might not sound important at first. However, those three cases dealt with the legality of contraception, sodomy, and gay marriage, respectively.

Simply put, Clarence Thomas stated that the Supreme Court should reconsider whether the Constitution grants American citizens the right to contraception, homosexual sex, and gay marriage. Therefore, Thomas’s thinking would allow states to regulate activities that are not protected under the Constitution—essentially reasserting the principle of Federalism.

That single comment is a complete game-changer for the Conservative movement. How you may ask? Well, it’s quite simple actually.

For years, conservatives have caved on nearly every single social issue in the post-World War II era—from feminism to gay marriage and no-fault divorce to the Sexual Revolution. Many conservative commentators have compared the Conservative movement’s concessions to the metaphorical “slippery slope.”

The “slippery slope” is similar to the concept of the “domino effect.” Imagine a chain reaction where one small event leads to larger and larger consequences over time. Now, let’s bring this concept into the realm of American culture.

After some contemplation, I truly believe that the “slippery slope” logical fallacy—which we were taught in school—might not be a fallacy after all. In fact, it is a precise explanation for the exponential cultural degeneration of American society in the last century.

Let’s examine an example of the “slippery slope” in American culture. For instance, the Sexual Revolution in the 1960s led to the abolition of the link between sex and procreation. Since sex was no longer about having children and instead became cheap entertainment for the masses, it was only a matter of time before the most Americans would broadly accept sex outside of marriage—including fornication and homosexual sex. Once marriage was devoid of its procreative nature, then gay marriage was able to come into the picture in American society—with it becoming legal in all 50 states in 2015. It didn’t take long to go from fornication becoming normal to gay marriage becoming the law of the land in America.

You could see abortion falling under a similar pattern as well. In the 1990s, President Bill Clinton stated that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare” in the United States. Thirty years later, several US states allow for 3rd Trimester abortions/have no abortion restrictions at all. And feminists on Twitter have been “Shouting Your Abortion!” for years now, as obnoxious and ugly as that might be.

Meanwhile, the U.S. birth rate has plummeted to a catastrophic level. The replacement birth rate – the rate at which a society can hold its population stable – is 2.1 children per adult female. That rate is now down to 1.6. Were it not for mass immigration, which carries its own demographic problems, we would be withering away as a civilization and a culture.

Clearly, the “slippery slope” has led to some disastrous trends in American society. In fact, we’re starting to see even more troubling trends on the horizon—such as transgenderism, pedophilia, and polygamy. The question remains as to how do we stop going down the “slippery slope?”

In my opinion, the only way to stop American society from going further down the “slippery slope” is to “climb back up it.”

“Climbing back up the slippery slope” is the only way to reverse this late stage of Degenerative Liberalism that we’re currently living through.

What are some ways to “climb back” up the Slippery Slope? Here’s a few easy – or maybe not-so-easy – ones for starters: prohibit gay marriage, eliminate no-fault divorce, and ban drag queen shows for children.

Now, some might feel uneasy about “legislating morality.” Most of us were taught that America is all about allowing people to do whatever they want in private.  

And while we do want to be a free society (in the classical, Enlightenment sense), the fact is that all law is based on morality.

Unfortunately, the American education system and media has convinced us that basing Laws on Christian morality is wrong. However, what we are not allowed to think about is how modern laws are now increasingly based on feminist, Marxist, and secularist ideologies (i.e. “religions”).

Remember your Gramsci, after all. The Italian communist who coined the term “march through the institutions” to describe the necessity of Marxist agitators and operatives to capture and destroy the culture of a free, Western society specifically targeted three things he thought prevented First World countries from falling to Communism.

The first was Christianity. Next was nationalism. Third was charity. Those influenced by Gramsci, the inventor of cultural Marxism, have been frighteningly successful in framing our current paradigm, but that only points up the necessity of taking the fight to them and rolling back their wrecking of our culture.

Thankfully, the conservative movement is finally starting to wake up to the reality of political power and the importance of Christianity in American society. Getting a taste of what Wokeism looks like in practice rather than in the faculty lounge will do that to you.

In order to revive the Traditional American society, we need conservative politicians who are willing to legislate Christian morality on the state and local level. Doing so is not the same as “enacting a theocracy” or “violating religious freedom.” No, legislating Christian morality is more about placing American society back on the bedrock it was founded on—namely Western & Christian principles.

Which aren’t really all that scary, you know. Most of these things were entirely unremarkable until about fifteen minutes ago.

In short, legislating Christian morality as the center of society – not necessarily in an oppressive way, but in a manner which encourages our people to embrace time-honored principles we know through long experience will provide order and harmony, is the key to “Climbing back up the Slippery Slope.”

After all, we know now what a society ordered along the lines of the Woke religion looks like. Check out any Democrat-run major city and you’ll see it in technicolor. It isn’t pretty.