Monday, May 20, 2024

More Thoughts on Ghislaine and How To Red-Pill Our Friends

It has been one heckuva string of days for American patriots, as in just the last week, we have seen victories at the Supreme Court level with concealed carry permits, federalized abortion on demand, prayer in public schools, and non-citizen voting. Yesterday, a victory was scored in the court of law when notorious child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to what will likely amount to the rest of her twilight years being spent behind bars with fellow inmates who likely won’t be very forgiving to a pedo.

Why Americans Should Celebrate This Victory over Darkness

It’s About to Happen. But It Seems the Tide Is Now Turning in America

There are those Americans who are not satisfied with the Maxwell sentencing, of course. As we outline in the above article, however, yesterday was indeed a net win. Among other reasons, I want to present today maybe the most important factor in Maxwell’s date with justice. This presentation does not mean to lessen the life-long pain Maxwell, Epstein and others have burdened their victims with, which is the source of many Americans frustration with the sentence. But as I have discussed before, to continue on toward victory in this psychological-informational war, we must look at the bigger picture and try to spread information that deals in the argumentative stance of logos, not always pathos.

See, it was just a few short years ago that the idea of rich elites being involved in child sex trafficking was just tin-foil hat conspiracy theory. The cognitive dissonance was too much for people, and instead of leaving behind their many electronic and entertainment distractions to see if these ideas were actually true, they chose to lambaste conspiracy theorists as quacks. Loons who have too much time on their hands.

Now, however, the sex trafficking crimes are set firmly in the middle of mainstream consciousness. This cannot happen overnight. It is why I repeatedly use the term “information warfare” to indicate exactly how much American revivalists are depending on every single American who wants a piece of the fight, who wants to save this country and world for their children. There has been a mass awakening already, and at this point, there should be little in the way of fear or insecurity in discussing these hot-button issues in the office or in your homes. It must be talked about, and if it is attached to prayer, in my opinion, it can create a truly wise person and information giver.

That is your weapon, and I will discuss exactly how to do it later in this post.

With the Maxwell sentencing, as small as it may seem to some, the stage is now set to prosecute others. The legal precedent is set, not just in the system, but more importantly in the minds of Americans who still lean toward doubt. Cognitive dissonance must be broken slowly and gently, and yesterday’s “small” step is an indication that whatever power is behind this string of victories and the mass awakening currently taking place, it understands how people’s brains work. People cannot swallow or digest all of their food at once. Why would it be any different when they are ingesting earth-shaking, soul-shattering information about what incredibly diabolical evil exists on this planet?

The next step in the foundation is being set as we speak. People are actually starting to believe that there is something or someone behind the scenes actually on our side that can turn the tide. And as a writer who has believed this for a few years now, it fuels me even more to write these articles, pleading with my fellow patriots to take up the cause with me, with this exciting new site RVIVR.

So many Americans want to see the Maxwell-Epstein client list. So do all of us, but we have to understand the power and prestige of these people, whoever is on it, and they may very well be the target of other investigations for much bigger crimes. Yes, human trafficking and child torture are, in my mind and many others’, the worst crimes imaginable, but on a legal stage, there are bigger. These involve treason, among other things, and could call for military jurisdiction. For example, the Clintons are being implicated in any number of things, including the Lolita Express flight logs to Epstein Island, treason against a sitting President, and their involvement in the criminal activity in the U.S. proxy nation, Ukraine.

These heinous criminals are criminals in more than one arena–that’s what makes them heinous. It’s what makes them the target of such understandable bloodlust from many Americans. No one here is disagreeing with the emotion. But logically speaking, we should hope that they find that justice through any means necessary, the most certain path. Bring them earthly justice in this manner, where we can, and allow God to fill in the gaps where he sees fit.

Patriots can’t get frustrated with even the “smallest” of victories. Remember, there is no blueprint for what is shaking out right now. All I know is that we are winning, and the winning is becoming more and more visible to the masses.

When was the last time America scored a string of victories as we have seen since last week?

Now is the time. It is this type of moment that those of you who want to join the information war more earnestly must capitalize on. You have to point people to a story like Maxwell’s as your anchor, and then talk past and future with them. Say that Maxwell is an example of things that the fact-checkers were calling conspiracy theory not that long ago, then connect that with something that has already been established–like the former “conspiracies” about Epstein, Covid, masks, and the vaccine that the mainstream now understands are not conspiracies at all. Finally, you connect this anchor and its connection to the past with the future by saying something like, “Can you imagine what else they are calling ‘conspiracy theory’ that is likely true?”

You have to be gentle. You have to remember cognitive dissonance. People don’t want to be shaken out of their slumbers too quickly. Just picture some people in the morning before coffee. This is a scenario where you both educate directly and invite friends to embrace the responsibility of searching for the truth on their own. Everyone has to be inspired to choose life and survival over TikTok, and if they’re not, they’re not strong enough for this accelerating war anyway.

Let them be, and allow them to enjoy the fruits of patriots’ labors when victory is ours.

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May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.