Friday, July 12, 2024

Here’s Our Favorite Political Ad Of The 2022 Cycle So Far

This guy’s name is Jerone Davison, and he’s a former Arizona State and NFL running back who’s running for Congress in Arizona’s 4th District.

And he’s a Republican. Who supports the 2nd Amendment pretty vocally. By the way, he’s also got some familiarity with the not-so-palatable history of the Democrat Party and gun control.

Here’s the ad…

The 4th District has been Paul Gosar’s district, though Gosar is now running for re-election in Arizona’s 9th district. The 4th district as redrawn is actually a Democrat-held seat, and Davison has a sizable field of competitors in the Aug. 2 GOP primary – Kelly Cooper, Dave Giles, Rene Lopez, and Tanya Wheeless. The winner will take on the incumbent, Greg Stanton, in a race RealClear Politics rates as a toss-up.

Wheeless, who was a staffer for former senator Martha McSally, is reportedly thought to be the main competitor for Davison. He’s a minister in the Phoenix area and a pretty eloquent conservative who’s generated some buzz not just for the ad but for other reasons as well.

Davison has been a YouTube commentator with a sizable audience, but he’s been kicked off YouTube at least twice. He’s therefore a significant critic of Big Tech. He’s a big family advocate, a big small business guy and he’s another classic example of the new breed of black Republican – inspired by Donald Trump and utterly contemptuous of the ruling class narratives about race and culture.

We’re sure there will be other good ads coming. This smells like the kind of cycle where candidates are going to be very freewheeling with their messaging, especially on the Republican side, because it’s what the public is ready for.

And when this cycle is over it’s likely American politics will have changed. Because the age of consensus is over, and the fight for the next era has begun.