Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Democrats’ Catastrophic Collapse In The “Latinx” Community

By now it’s no secret that the Hispanic vote is departing the Democrat Party just like their parents, grandparents and other forebears departed similar political regimes in less-fortunate nations south of our border. The most recent CIVIQS poll of Joe Biden’s approval, which has him at a disastrous 29 percent nationally, shows the Hispanic vote abandoning him by a 36-48 margin.

There are other polls which are even worse among Hispanics.

And the Democrats are in a state of abject panic over the ramifications of a realignment of Hispanic voters to the Republican Party, the effect of which would mean states like Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado would flip from blue or purple to red, it would be the end of their dreams of turning Texas blue or ever being competitive in Florida again, and even parts of California might become competitive in local or Congressional elections.

That’s why spectacles like today’s contrived “LatinX IncluXion” hootenanny in San Antonio have become enough of a focus that Team Biden sent the First Lady down for what was billed as a “major” address.

It won’t be billed that way in retrospect, for fairly obvious reasons. Jill Biden was a disaster today. She proved she is as patronizing, ridiculous and out of touch as her husband in communicating to people who aren’t white, connected ruling-class leftists.

Case in point…

That Jill Biden can’t pronounce a Spanish word like “bodega” isn’t all that surprising. When she attempted to parrot the Obama campaign line of “si se puede” – the Spanish version of “Yes, We Can” – it came out as si se podway. It’s not like that was particularly hard, and she still couldn’t get it right.

Jill Biden is also the lady who insists on being called “Dr. Jill Biden” thanks to her Ed.D. from the University of Delaware, which she was awarded while her husband was a U.S. Senator from that state. Of course, there has been a great deal of scrutiny laid on the doctoral dissertation which earned her that title, for a good reason – it’s utter crap. As Kyle Smith noted

My friends, I have read this document in its entirety and it is so equally lacking in rhetorical force, boldness of conception, and original research that it amounts to a triple null set, a vacuum inside a blank inside an abyss. If Ingmar Bergman were alive and hired to make a film about this paper, he would say, “I can’t do it, there’s so much emptiness even I cannot grasp it,” and it would sound so much worse in Swedish that suicide hotlines would have to hire extra staff. Gene Simmons has a better claim to be a Doctor of Love than Jill Biden to be a Doctor of Education; after all, Simmons has spent a lifetime demonstrating mastery of his field. As for Biden, she has spent a lot of time teaching remedial English to slow learners in community colleges. Which is like being a rock musician who’s in a bar band. That plays covers. At mixers. Held in assisted-living facilities. Mrs. Biden’s dissertation emits so much noxious methane the EPA should regulate it, Greta Thunberg should denounce it, and Hollywood celebrities should hold a telethon to draw awareness to its dangers.

What’s so terrible about it? Well, we’ll limit that discussion to the topic at hand. Here’s what Jill Biden thought of folks who aren’t lily white and capable of homewrecking a U.S. Senator’s household…

Hell of a family you’ve got there. The husband can’t shut up about the dot-Indians at the Dunkin’ Donuts and the “racial jungle” you’ll have as a result of public school busing, and the wife thinks all the brown and black people are too stupid to speak gooder English.

And you wonder why the Hispanics, who by the way are generally quite loath to be IncluXded as LatinX – so much so that Hispanic Democrats gave up on trying to use that stupid word years ago and it’s only white leftists and the out-of-touch Latino crowd trying to troll for gringo sponsorship dollars who keep using it – don’t want anything to do with the Bidens or the Democrats.

It’s even worse than this, actually, because Jill Biden calling the Latinos a bunch of breakfast tacos is the least of the misery being inflicted on Hispanics in America. The abandonment of the border is turning Hispanic neighborhoods across America into facsimiles of the same hellholes their forebears escaped from – poverty, gangs, illiteracy, inability to speak English and wage suppression – while inflation is crushing working-class Hispanic citizens who have for decades prided themselves on upward mobility and work ethic.

Not to mention the nonstop advocacy of transgenderism, militant feminism, homosexual and queer supremacism particularly in public schools, and Critical Race Theory, all of which is offensive to the very traditional, Catholic-based and macho Latin culture. These are generally tough, no-nonsense people used to making a living with their hands whose very being is grounded in objective truth, yearning for freedom from corrupt overlords and the faith that personal virtue and work ethic will lead to a just reward, and nothing in the Left’s message and worldview speaks to any of it.

You can’t paper over those fundamental problems with a speech at the “LatinX IncluXion” luncheon. And you especially can’t do it if you’re sending a racist old gringa who thinks her audience is a bunch of breakfast tacos.