Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Conservative Love Affair With Disaffected Liberals

For the past several years, a troubling trend has been brewing within the conservative movement. Conservative pundits and outlets have embraced “disaffected liberals” on their platforms. In other words, Conservatives have a burgeoning love affair with disaffected liberals.

A recent example came to light with a remark from Joe Rogan. The world-famous podcast host recently stated that he would never allow President Donald Trump to appear on his podcast—the Joe Rogan Experience. Remember, Rogan has brought on the socialist senator Bernie Sanders on his show before. Despite Rogan’s flirtations with conservative media, he is still far from being a conservative himself.

For years, conservative political commentators have promoted Joe Rogan and similar people—a.k.a. “disaffected liberals”—as allies in the culture war. Don’t believe me? Well, go to supposedly “conservative” websites Prager U, Fox News, or Daily Wire. You will find that those organizations boost the opinions of people like Bill Maher, Dave Portnoy, and Joe Rogan—none of whom are conservative.

Just a few months ago, Fox News hired the transgender Bruce Jenner as a contributor, and it also promoted the story of a transgender teenager during Pride Month. No one in good faith can call Fox News a “conservative” news outlet after its blatant support of transgenderism.

Numerous examples abound of how the gatekeepers in conservative media give a platform “disaffected liberals” over authentic conservatives. We would be here all day if we looked at every single example of the mainstream conservative media’s affair with disaffected liberals.

To get the point across, I decided to list a couple “Disaffected Liberals” who have become prominent members within mainstream conservative media:

Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin is a gay ex-liberal turned “conservative” in recent years. Rubin was a show host on the far-Left media company The Young Turks about a decade ago, but he partnered with the right-wing media company BlazeTV in 2019 to produce his YouTube show. Rubin essentially left The Young Turks because he didn’t like the way political liberalism was heading in the mid-2010s.

Rubin is the quintessential “disaffected liberal”. Rubin started calling himself a “conservative” in the past few years because he doesn’t like this current iteration of liberalism. However, Rubin is still a liberal at heart. He still supports abortion, gay marriage, drug legalization, and “criminal justice reform”. Despite his prominent liberal views, conservative organizations—such as Prager U, TheBlaze, and Turning Point USA—still give Rubin a platform to call himself a “conservative.”

Jordan Peterson

By now, pretty much everyone has heard of Dr. Jordan Peterson at this point. A jack of all trades, Peterson is a psychologist, academic, writer, and podcaster. He first gained prominence in 2016 from a viral video—in which he criticized “gender pronouns.” Afterwards, Peterson became a best-selling author and became an “internet guru” for many young men in the Anglo-sphere.

Peterson’s disapproval of “Cancel Culture”, Marxism, and “Wokeism” has led many conservative organizations to embrace him—giving him numerous interviews and speaking engagements. Just recently , Daily Wire signed  Peterson to a podcast deal.

But Peterson is not really a conservative. He personally identifies as a “classical liberal” instead of a conservative. Additionally, Peterson holds a fair amount of non-conservative positions—such as supporting gay marriage and gay parents. He also is not a Christian. Quite simply, Jordan Peterson aligns with the description of a “Disaffected Liberal”.

Ric Grenell

Grenell was the a member of the Trump administration and is one the most prominent gay Republicans in the country—including his support for the Log Cabin Republicans. Moreover, Grenell has also bashed authentic conservatives like Pat Buchanan for not being inclusive toward the LGBT movement.

After the end of the Trump administration, Grenell has made numerous appearances on Fox News shows and joined Newsmax as a contributor and executive.

Clearly, the current mainstream “Conservative movement” (a.k.a. “Con Inc.”) is not conserving anything worth conserving. The Conservative establishment allows “disaffected liberals” to speak at conservative conferences (e.g. CPAC or TPUSA’s Student Action Summit) or to appear on Conservative talkshows/television shows. On the other hand, we don’t see “America First” conservatives like Congressman Paul Gosar, Nick Fuentes, or Jon Miller on mainstream conservative shows and conferences.

The fact is that Con Inc. is not in the in the business of preserving Traditional America. It only exists to make a quick buck off of well-intentioned patriots who don’t know they are getting duped.

I don’t want disaffected liberals to influence the conservative movement any longer. Disaffected liberals (“Neo-conservatives”/Bush Republicans) hijacked the conservative movement in the 1990s/early 2000s. I don’t want the same thing to happen to the MAGA/America First Movement in the 2020s.

This isn’t to say that figures like Rogan, Peterson, etc. have nothing useful to say, or doesn’t have value in building an American revival. My purpose here isn’t to discredit them as potential allies.

But that’s what they are. Potential allies. Not leaders of the movement. We’ve been there and done that, and the Reagan revolution was shortchanged and derailed the last time it took on allies and then turned over leadership of the movement to them. That can’t happen again.

Remember, the disaffected liberals are the ones who were run out of the institutions they formerly ran. They weren’t strong enough to hold off the Hard Left. Why on earth would you put them in charge of the resistance to the encroaching cultural, political economic tyranny the woke globalists/socialists are hell-bent on foisting on us?

Firstly, we must make sure that the structure of the American revival is founded upon authentically conservative principles and people steadfastly dedicated to upholding these principles. Then, we can invite the others in and influence them, rather than the other way around.

The time has come for a political movement that actually conserves the traditional American society—instead of selling another “Patriot coffee” brand or “Patriot razor blade” to red-blooded conservatives. Thankfully, the America First movement (a.k.a “Revivalism”) has come to fill this void of an effective conservative political movement.