Thursday, April 18, 2024

Deep State’s Ukraine Narrative is Crumbling As It Moves to Taiwan

Ukraine is the keystone.

And Taiwan seems to be right around the corner serving as the latest US “ally” who will simply prove to be a proxy for the US-Deep State’s subversive, nefarious dealings.

I have been writing about the colliding narratives surrounding Ukraine since May, attempting to do what so many other citizen journalists are doing in exposing one of the latest mass-propaganda campaigns by US-led Western media. Even my examination of Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) was an extension of the series. I invite you, if you have the time, to rabbit hole these other articles a bit to see just how far back this media trap has been in place and how in the dark many of our American friends still are about the Deep State’s activity in Ukraine.

Much of the swamp has been drained–enough for people everywhere willing to take the time to see exactly what filth has been roaming the depths.

Russell Brand, who has himself been red-pilled in a convincing way, recently released a YouTube video titled, “So THIS Is Why US Wants War In Ukraine.” In it he speaks with Grayzone journalist Aaron Maté about the US proxy war in Ukraine and its efforts to weaken and destabilize Russia. At about the 2:40 mark, Maté begins his discussion of this proxy war and the fact that this story goes back to 2013 (and likely further) when the Obama administration was planting the seeds for exactly what has been taking place in 2022.

“I absolutely think it’s a proxy war, and the goals to me have been made pretty explicit going back to 2013…. A guy named Carl Gershman…he was the head of something called the National Endowment for Democracy, which is a US Government-funded organization that essentially helps carry out US foreign policy goals abroad, which center around enforcing US hegemony and destabilizing governments that stand in the way….”

Available here is more great work from all the way back to mid-May by one of the best citizen journalists around. In an article he posted just this week summarizing that May research, he shows that the Russian military found incontrovertible evidence of a US biological weapons scheme in Ukraine, which is of course right there on the Russian border. The Russian military also points to four key figures in this network–Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and George Soros.

I know, I know. How can these enemies really be enemies when our big bad real enemy Russia is their enemy?

Remember an old saying: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And this is certainly true when it comes to this worldwide standoff between the human race and the Deep State globalists intent on instituting the New World Order.

This is what I have been saying concerning the dangerous binary thinking trap. This is what the corporate media has done to Americans and others worldwide for years. The fact remains that these three traitors to the US, along with Soros, are some of the most notorious globalist Deep State elites there are, and the media’s maniacal push to paint Vladimir Putin and Russia as the bad guy in every story imaginable is meant to hide that.

It’s meant to keep them lurking out of sight in the swamp.

But the swamp is drained enough for people to see. And all of this research concerning Ukraine is now finding a fresh face, this time in Taiwan.

Yes, Taiwan, poor little Taiwan who is being bullied by big bad China.

Soon, too many Americans will be “Standing with Taiwan.”

But not you. Not Americans who know the Deep State playbook.

Certainly it is too early in this game to gauge exactly how China is the parallel to Russia in this developing story. But just remember one thing–our thought processes must be more critical and complex than the straightforward binary of “US=good and everybody-that-challenges-us=bad.” In fact, I just got through with an article linking the Biden crime syndicate to China, so I truly don’t know all the details at this point.

What I do know is that there are five world leaders–who all have great working relationships with one Donald J. Trump–standing in solidarity against the Deep State globalists out to destroy humanity as we know it.

Those names include Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi. They are the leaders of the BRICS nations, and they all support Russia in their accusations against the United States Democratic National Party and their production of biological weapons.

Read here for a more detailed rundown of Trump’s relationships with these world leaders (or read a shortened version after this paragraph). It truly is fascinating, and suggests that Trump was playing the long game all along, not just a four- or eight-year sprint. He may say certain things against these leaders in the media, but this is simply for optics because so many Americans, even well-meaning conservatives, are still asleep. It’s a similar thing he is engaging in with Elon Musk and the Twitter saga. These farces force the media to stay away from any story remotely connecting Trump to any of these activities by the Musks, Putins, and Xis of the world. It is an extremely intricate and patient breadcrumbing of the masses, and it is not at all unlike the red-pilling of people concerning the child-trafficking tragedy. Now onto Trump and these important world leaders…

Trump and Putin with the iconic passing of the football. Trump and Putin have always been friendly and cordial, which scares the living piss out of the Deep State. And now we know why. It’s not because Putin is this Hitler-like figure hellbent on world domination, it’s because Putin knows where the bodies are buried.

Trump and Xi at the iconic Forbidden City, with which outsiders are not allowed. Xi made an exception for Trump and Melania. Trump may attack China in the media, but he and Xi are very friendly. Keep in mind other countries have Deep State infiltration as well. China’s actions don’t necessarily represent Xi, just as much as the US’ actions in Ukraine don’t represent Trump.

Trump and Bin Salman, the Saudi Crown, and the iconic sword dance, only reserved for after “military victories”. Trump has a stellar relationship with Bin Salman and they have completely reversed the US relations with Saudi Arabia. After the corrupt princes were executed for treason and human trafficking, of course. (Yes I’m aware Saudi are not part of BRICS yet, but Saudi are aiding Russia in their war in Ukraine and are in talks to join BRICS as soon as possible)

Trump and Brazilian President Bolsanoro, who is incredibly red-pilled, anti-globalist, and he LOVES himself some Trump. You don’t see world leaders greeting Biden like this. That’s real happiness.

Trump and Indian Prime Minister Modi. With which Trump has a phenomenal relationship as well. Lots of warm embrace and true diplomacy between the two. Their friendship is well documented and widely adored. You ever seen anyone hug Biden or Obama like that?

Do we think it’s a coincidence that Trump is buddy buddy with the BRICS leaders, and is unanimously despised by the Deep State leaders of NATO? Do we think it’s a coincidence that all the world leaders Trump has a good relationship with, just so happen to be directly accusing the last 3 DNC presidents of crimes against humanity?

I’ll say it again for those needing to hear it–Trump is not the anti-Christ. People love him because there are actually that many good people still left in the world. The army of God is vast, and growing by the day. A miracle of Biblical proportions is coming; indeed, its seedlings are already beginning to sprout.

See, it seems the Biden family got itself twisted in its loyalties when it betrothed itself to nations like Ukraine and China. It is why the Biden administration continues to send billions of US tax-dollars to Ukraine to fight an unwinnable war against Russia, but why it may very well be stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to China and Taiwan.

Because guess what just so happens to exist in great numbers in Taiwan as well?

Biolabs. One thousand, two hundred and fifty-one of them. And US funded.

Surely we see that there is no coincidence that China is speaking up in similar fashion to how Russia has spoken up against Ukraine. They are demanding that the Biden administration and the US cancel their latest $108 million arms sale to Taiwan. If we apply similar logic here as we do to Russia-Ukraine, what is it the US-Deep State is hiding that they don’t want China to reveal to the world?

Trust your instincts with all of this. Everything connects.

Can you imagine if all of this had happened under a Trump administration? A US war against the other two world superpowers? The media would have devoured him, and admittedly, rightly so.

Trump had to play the long game with the takedown of the globalists. It couldn’t happen in four or even eight years, not in a way that would force billions of people around the planet to see exactly what has been going on. Trump had to “lose” in 2020, even though he and the military caught them all in the fraud.

It had to happen this way. It had to happen so that humanity never lets it happen again.

Stories such as these, ones that would have been tinfoil hat conspiracy theory not that long ago, continue to pile up. Every time, it just further solidifies my and millions of others’ belief that we are under some type of strange governmental control where puppets like Biden, Obama, Clinton, and Soros continue to make the most moronic of moves on the worldwide chessboard. Or, maybe they’re not stupid. Maybe they’ve just run out of moves and have been trapped by their own evil past and imminent defeat. Whatever the reasoning is, it should continue to increase faith and hope in patriots, especially those who are tempted to swallow the black pill of doom and despair.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.