Saturday, May 18, 2024

What’s the Adrian Project? You’re about to find out…

See these kiddos? They’re college students participating in what is known as the Adrian Project. Never heard of it? That’s all right, most people haven’t. It’s a, let’s just say, venture of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (the armed enforcement component of the Internal Revenue Service) in which impressionable college snowflakes nationwide are indoctrinated into believing that the best way to serve their country is to be prepared to shoot dead any Americans – even their own parents – who have completely unknowingly violated paragraph 9999 of the tax code. And no, the IRS doesn’t care if they can define what a woman is, just as long as they’re willing to turn the middle class into a forest of tapped rubber trees, draining us just short of killing us – except, of course, the ones who resist.

Yeah, it’s kinda like a fantasy camp for angry airheads who think that the U.S. Constitution is invalid. Oh, but you’ll love this part. The very first Jedi mind trick the government people pull off is to get these little softies comfortable with using those bad, bad, terrible things called guns. Yet it’s so easy. They just blow enough sunshine and rainbows up their butts that before long they think they’re so superior to the obviously backward middle class that the gun and badge begin to take on a form more analogous to a Nazi command scepter – something that mere peasants like us are in no way entitled to possess (the gun, not the Nazi command scepter).

Hey, you didn’t think that the Chinese, sex fiends, and domestic anarchists were the only ones trying to control what gets taught in American universities, did you? God help the United States of America!