Tuesday, April 23, 2024

An Interesting Snippet From DeSantis’ Appearance On Fox & Friends This Morning

We like to keep tabs on things like this and they usually make it into our daily video clips, but this we have in text form.

So here it goes…

DOOCY: I wanted to ask you Governor your reaction to the earthquake news from yesterday that Anthony Fauci is going to finally step down to pursue the next chapter in his life. You gonna miss him?

DESANTIS: I think he’s done a lot of damage. I think he should have been gone long ago and if you think about what he’s done with his arrogance, that’s part of the reason why he’s advocated policies that have been so destructive. He thinks people that disagree with him are somehow beneath him but his policies were the driving force behind locking kids out of school in parts of this country for over a year, forcing them to wear masks for eight hours a day for two years. He cost people their jobs, he destroyed people’s businesses with his policies. And he was never willing to admit he was wrong when it was clear those policies don’t work. You know it’s one thing when you’re in the thing, when it just came out, it was a novel thing, there was a lot of information people needed so just admit the things you said were wrong and he will not do that. He’s not been honest about what he did in Wuhan with funding gain of function research. And so I hope if Republicans take control, use subpoena power if necessary, that they will get to the bottom of everything from the origins of COVID to all the manifest failures of the public health establishment, particularly Dr. Anthony Fauci.

KILMEADE: Two weeks ago in your state the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago. They pulled out boxes upon boxes of stuff after a nine hour raid, including going through Melania’s closet. The former President has filed for a special master to review what they took. Your thoughts on the raid, your thoughts on his motion?

DESANTIS: So the FBI has a history now of weaponizing it’s power to go after people it doesn’t like. And not only have they done that in a variety of contexts, they went after Donald Trump as a candidate specifically with Russian collusion, even when he became President, and they were basically trying to drive him out of office based on a conspiracy theory. You’ve seen FBI agents falsify FISA applications to get surveillance on innocent Americans. We’re seeing what’s happening with this Michigan kidnapping hoax, which is a total disaster for the Bureau. You look at what’s happened with FBI agents surveilling parents going to school board meetings. Who could have ever thought that would happen? So I think when Republicans look at that and they’re upset about it, it’s against the backdrop of all that FBI conduct where basically this and other agencies have become the enforcement arm of one particular faction of our country against everybody else. And so that’s why I think people are concerned about it. I haven’t read the motion but clearly federal agencies, especially in the past five to ten years, have been weaponized against people the government doesn’t like. That’s just a fact.

KILMEADE: Governor, have you spoken to the former President about it or about anything lately?

DESANTIS: Well, to the extent I do have conversations with him I’m sure the DOJ and FBI will leak that to the New York Times and Washington Post so just stay tuned.