Sunday, July 21, 2024

Guess That Raid Wasn’t About The Nuclear Secrets After All

So anyway, let’s talk for just a minute about that short-lived anti-President Trump nuclear codes/nuclear secrets piece of award-winning disinformation crap-o-rama drama put out there by certain fine folks in the government who regularly demand to have your trust. And I’ll try hard to summarize so that you don’t end up like those poor people who sat next to Ted Striker.

First of all, there are NO “nuclear codes” in the possession of ANY former president that are in ANY WAY relevant, usable, applicable, etc. This isn’t RETURN OF THE JEDI where it’s “an older code…but it checks out.” In fact, the ill-intentioned would stand a much better chance of using it/them to open either the president’s luggage or Druidia’s space shield, or both. Okay, that said, some other time we’ll cover the topics of the National Command Authority, how a sitting U.S. president goes about ordering the use of nuclear weapons, who can do it in his stead, and how they would still get launched/used in the case of a decapitation strike taking out everyone in the Washington D.C. area before they even have time to kiss their collective asses goodbye.

Next, let’s talk about “nuclear secrets” that could be in the possession of a U.S. president.

That’s a fairly broad topic, but it would certainly include things such as contingency plans for the use of nuclear weapons, disposition and operational status of nuclear weapons, and nuclear weapon design. We’ll start with the last item in this list.

It’s HIGHLY doubtful that documents regarding nuclear weapon design have ever been in the personal possession of President Trump. That’s because any president requesting the production of such arcane material – save for having had a previous career actually in nuclear weapon design – probably would set off alarm bells in the minds of the very people charged with protecting such secrets. That’s precisely why the Clintons used a cutout known as Wen Ho Lee to steal and deliver to the CCP the design for the most advanced warhead ever to come out of Los Alamos – and the most advanced one in the world – the W88. They were smart enough not to just request the file and then send it FedEx Express to the Chicoms.

Don’t forget, criminal geniuses still remain just that – geniuses.

Now for the first two of the aforementioned “nuclear secrets” categories. In my opinion, President Trump, even under pain of death, would never share such secrets with an enemy of the United Stated of America. But, hey, that’s just my opinion – one shared by millions of Americans – but, whatever. Just remember, there are a thousand and one other people in possession of the very same information we should be worried about long, long, so long before we should presume to be so insultingly incredulous of President Trump. Besides, my study of the man strongly indicates that he exhibits the same sort of precise memory as Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. In other words, he doesn’t need to have physical files because he’s already got brain files. So what’s next, an FBI search warrant for the hippocampus? Gimme a break.

Look, the self-dealing deep state is trying in earnest and pulling out all the stops to get you to believe that a selfless real estate developer (much like a selfless carpenter) is not the antidote to tyranny that America needs most right now.

But he is.

He’s the only guy at bat who’s got the stance and style to hit their queerly curving curveball at the moment. And in the words of John Fogerty, all he’s humbly asking for us to do is to “Put me in, coach.” So what do you say, America, you wanna hit one outta the park or bunt it down the dirt like a bunch of pansies? That is the question.