Saturday, May 18, 2024

I’ve Seen The Future Of The GOP, And It’s MAGA Revivalism

This past week, I attended Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit (SAS) over in Tampa, Florida. Over 5,000 conservative activists, college students, and young professionals attended this conference, networked, and heard the leading voices of the conservative movement.

If there is one lesson I learned from this conference, it’s that MAGA is the future of the Republican party.

Ever since Joe Biden became President, the Republican Establishment has sought to take back the Republican party. The Establishment has tried to abandon President Trump and has pushed for “has-been” RINOs candidates for President in 2024—such as Mike Pence or Nikki Haley.

We all know that the Republican Establishment will fail in their quest to defeat the MAGA movement. MAGA, or Revivalism, if we’re to hew to the rationale for this site’s existence, is here to stay—whether they like it or not.

The reality is that many Generation Z conservatives/Republicans have fervently embraced President Trump and the MAGA agenda. My experience at the latest Turning Point USA conference made that fact apparent to me.

Now, one of the main themes for this conference centered around this simple question: who do conservatives prefer to become the Republican presidential nominee in 2024? In fact, Fox News interviewed several conference attendees at SAS about their preferred presidential candidate in 2024. Fortunately, I was actually one of the conference attendees that Fox News interviewed.

Of course, I shared my opinion that President Trump should be the 2024 nominee. I personally trust President Trump to run for President again and to lead the Republican party once again. That being said, I was curious to hear whom young conservatives preferred to run in 2024. Thankfully, my curiosity was answered on the last day of the conference.

The Student Action Summit’s main sponsor Turning Point Action partnered with the Trafalgar Group to conduct a straw poll on the final day of the conference. These organizations invited conference attendees to choose their preferred Republican presidential candidate in 2024. This practice is similar to the straw poll that CPAC conducts annually.

The results were staggering. To some people’s shock, President Trump won about 79% of the vote in the straw poll. DeSantis received 19%, and Mike Pence received 0.3%.

Here is a graph of the results for the Turning Point USA straw poll.

Just for context, most of the attendees for this conference are high-school and college-aged conservatives. So, this straw poll just reiterates the point that President Trump is the leader of the MAGA movement, and Generation Z wants to keep it that way.

As a member of Gen Z, it gives me hope that my fellow Gen Z-ers support President Trump over RINOs like Nikki Haley and Mike Pence. We know that America First candidates like President Trump and Governor DeSantis need to lead the Republican Party.

To close, the MAGA movement is in truly good hands with Generation Z. The Zoomers understand that the status quo in the Conservative movement and in the Republican party is unacceptable. Our current Republican/conservative “leaders” are enabling the destruction of our nation, and many Gen Z-ers understand that our nation needs authentically Conservative, Christian leaders for the American Revival to begin.