Sunday, May 19, 2024

On the radio Monday morning, talking Revivalism and urban decline with Dan Proft

This was on Chicago’s Morning Answer show, which I’m a frequent guest on. But it was the first time I’ve been on since The Revivalist Manifesto came out, so we had a chance to talk about it a little – that, and, of course, the American Spectator piece last week talking about how America isn’t over but this Third Era which began with the New Deal and the socialist expansion of the federal government is definitely ending.

As evidence of that, Dan mentioned the story about the $300,000 house in Portland being taken over by squatters that the owners are trying to sell because they can’t get rid of the bums who won’t leave. And of course, the cops won’t do anything about it.

My take was you don’t see this kind of stuff in the suburbs and places which aren’t run by leftist morons like Ted Wheeler, Portland’s mayor. Or LaToya Cantrell in New Orleans. Or Lori Lightfoot in Chicago. And that this idiotic style of urban governance won’t sustain. Those cities will fall apart. In fact, they’d fall apart almost immediately, or else the people in them would wise up, rise up and oust the Hard Left from control of them, the minute suburban Republicans stop supporting the cities with federal grant money and infrastructure projects, subsidies and other things.

Anyway, it was a good segment. More to come from the book promotion tour as it happens. We’re getting some great revivalist conversations all across the country now.