Thursday, February 29, 2024

Law Assisting Illegal Aliens Infuriates Massachusetts Voters THIS MUCH

(Writer’s Note: This is the first of a three-part series about a new law in Massachusetts that enables illegal aliens to have driver’s licenses)

The year was 2011.

An illegal alien from Ecuador was in Milford, Mass. when he got drunk and drove his pickup truck through a residential neighborhood.

That illegal immigrant, Nicolas Guaman, ran a stop sign and hit a motorcycle, driven by 23-year-old Matthew Denice.

Witnesses reported that Guaman dragged Denice to his death.

Denice’s mother Maureen Maloney talked to RVIVR about her son. She also discussed a new initiative to fight Massachusetts legislators who this year gave special privileges to illegal aliens. 

“My son Matthew had just graduated college when he was killed. Matthew wanted to be a police officer. He had taken the civil service exam, and he was on the list, waiting for the next round of hirings,” Maloney told RVIVR.

“He was one of those people that everybody loved, and he loved everybody else. He was friends with everybody. He was the kind of person who lit up a room when he walked in, and he had a great smile. He was funny. He was smart and hardworking. He worked his entire time while going to college, because he didn’t want to graduate with debt. His next step was to buy a home.”

When Guaman hit Denice, Denice flew off his motorcycle and landed on the windshield of Guaman’s truck, which he then rolled off of, Maloney said.

“Matthew was getting up out of the road, and the driver fled. When he did, he ran Matthew over,” Maloney said. 

“Matthew got trapped in the wheel well and got dragged a quarter of a mile to his death. At that point, the driver ran off the road and went over a curb. Matthew became dislodged, and then the driver backed up over him and continued to flee. People who witnessed this were traumatized.”

Police eventually caught up to Guaman and arrested him

“I miss my son like crazy,” Maloney said.

“When he was killed, there was a candlelight vigil in our town. More than 1,000 people showed up.”

Guaman was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. Court officials sentenced him to 12 to 14 years in prison.

Move forward 11 years.

Maloney said Guaman recently had a parole hearing. Parole was denied. She said, however, that Guaman will leave prison in one year for good behavior.

Also this year, Massachusetts’ legislators voted to give state-issued driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker disliked the bill and issued a veto. But members of the state senate and state house overrode Baker and passed the bill, the Work and Family Mobility Act, into law. 

Maloney is having none of it. She’s helped launch a petition drive that, if successful, would put this on a referendum and permit Massachusetts voters to decide this November whether to keep or scrap this law.

Maloney said most Massachusetts voters do not want illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses.

“In Massachusetts we have a motor voter law where, when you apply for a driver’s license or renew your driver’s license, you are automatically registered to vote,” Maloney said. 

“If we start giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens then they must check a box to opt out of being registered to vote. How many of them do you think are going to opt out?”

As part two of this story reveals, a powerful coalition of state legislators and progressive activists have formed a resistance to Maloney and her group, Fair and Secure MA.  

The fight has gotten nasty…and, in some instances, physical.