Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Massachusetts Democrats Display Appalling Behavior Defending Illegal Aliens

(Writer’s Note: This is the second of a three-part series about a new Massachusetts law that enables illegal aliens to have driver’s licenses. Part One is available here)

This year Massachusetts legislators overrode a veto by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker and passed a bill into law that gives illegal aliens there the right to obtain their own driver’s licenses.

Massachusetts resident Maureen Maloney lost her son to a drunken illegal immigrant 11 years ago. She had to respond to this new law, labeled the Work and Family Mobility Act. She launched a petition drive that, if successful, would permit Massachusetts voters to decide whether to keep or scrap the law on election day this November. 

Maloney told RVIVR that State Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Middlesex and Worcester) pushed for this law and that he obstructs many of her efforts to put it up for a referendum. And he and his supporters sometime use appalling methods.

“This is the Democrats just trying to get more votes. They are not going to admit that [to the public]. They are worried about this petition, and they are protesting us. This guy Jamie Eldridge is the lead sponsor of the driver’s license law, and he is showing up at our petition sites,” Maloney said.

“We are getting signatures outside grocery stores. He is showing up and harassing people who want to sign the petition and telling them not to sign it, and then he is getting in their way. This has been going on throughout the state.” 

Eldridge and members of his staff did not return repeated requests for comment.

Henry Barbaro describes himself as one of the foot soldiers for Maloney’s Fair and Secure MA initiative. The petition drives apparently anger certain grocery store managers, but Barbaro said Massachusetts law permits him and other members of Fair and Secure MA to operate at those sites.

“This is a constitutional right [in Massachusetts], specifically about shopping centers. We can collect signatures from petitions or for candidates, and that is our right,” Barbaro said. 

“On the other hand, these signature blockers, they do not have the right to block signatures, and they are the trespassers.”

Maloney said the attacks from members of the political left at these signature drives continue to intensify.

“They are getting nasty. We have had petitions ripped up, but the town clerks [who review the signatures on our petitions] are very strict. If there are any extra marks on the page or any coffee stains, then they won’t accept the page. We have had protestors scribble on our petitions, we have had them rip up our petitions and we have had them flip tables over,” Maloney said. 

“A guy who was bigger than one of our volunteers pushed that volunteer up against the wall of the store and called him an effing fascist. Some of the signature locations are getting a lot of harassment. We have filed a state lawsuit and a federal lawsuit against Jamie Eldridge and a couple of other politicians who are involved in this, and against Maura Healey, the state attorney general because she is doing nothing to discourage this behavior.”

Healey and members of her staff did not return RVIVR’s requests seeking comment.

Maloney said she and other members of Fair and Secure MA need 40,120 certified signatures by Aug. 24, in time for the November election.

“Our goal is to get 60,000 signatures,” Maloney said, adding her group has collected about 30,000 thus far.

“Some of those signatures may get disqualified for various reasons. Either the town clerk cannot read it and certify it or some people who sign it were not actually registered voters.”

If members of Fair and Secure MA succeed, then they expect that members of Massachusetts’ political and media establishments will use every tool at their disposals to fight the referendum. And, as the third and final story will explore, those political and media figures may end up actively working not for but against the best interests of the public.