Sunday, February 25, 2024

Scalise and Johnson SAVAGE the Democrats for passing the $740 billion “Inflation Reduction” boondoggle

We don’t need to go into all the reasons the bill, which among other things hires 87,000 IRS agents to audit Americans of all incomes and jacks taxes through the roof to support Green New Deal insanity, is a bad idea.

And Steve Scalise and Mike Johnson aren’t the only two Republicans who unloaded on it as Nancy Pelosi and her minions ramrodded it through the House on a party-line vote.

But they’re a pretty good sampling of the House Republican reaction to this pathetic piece of legislation, so we thought we’d pass along what they had to say.

Here was Johnson…

House Republican Conference Vice Chairman Mike Johnson (LA-04) released the following statement today after House Democrats passed $740 billion in higher taxes and additional government spending with no Republican support:

“Inflation is at record highs, the economy is in recession, and Congressional Democrats just passed an additional $740 billion in government spending and higher taxes. This is legislative malpractice and should more appropriately be named the ‘Inflation Expansion Act.’

“This bill will raise taxes on the middle class and increase prices for consumers. It will send hundreds of billions of tax dollars to green energy slush funds, paid for by sending 87,000 new IRS agents to audit middle class Americans.

“With a 50-50 Senate and a razor-thin House majority, any single one of them could have helped stop this 730-page disaster, and none of them did. Passing this bill required many Democrats to ignore prior promises to their constituents. I suspect many others already knew they won’t be back in Congress next year, so they didn’t care about the tremendous costs to our country.

“Over the next few years, as Americans wonder why consumer prices stayed high and the economy stayed in neutral—while the global climate remained unchanged—they should recall this clueless gang of Washington Democrats who thought that more government spending would ease inflation, that higher taxes would grow the economy, and that government-issued green energy subsidies could change the weather.”

And here was Scalise…

Can’t argue with any of that.

We’ve just seen the Democrats turn a recession into a depression today. Remember that in November, and forever afterward.