Sunday, February 25, 2024

So, Obviously, We’re Now In The Post-Republic Phase Of This Current Political Era…

You’ve surely heard the news by now that a horde of FBI agents has now stormed and occupied the home of former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, pursuant to some sketchy justification of a federal warrant, and of course what this means is that law and order in America no longer exists.

This was supposedly over the question of Trump possessing “classified material” at his home…

Politico reported on the raid:

Two sources familiar with the search said it was related to allegations that Trump allies improperly removed boxes of presidential records from the White House after leaving office — including some that may have included classified information. One of those sources said the raid took “hours.”

However, CNN noted that the National Archives, which collects and sorts presidential material, has already stated that “at least 15 boxes of White House records were recovered from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort – including some that were classified.”

But, in an interview with Breitbart News’s Kristina Wong, Kash Patel, a former top Trump administration official, said the claims that “classified materials were found at Mar-a-Lago are misleading” since the “documents were actually already declassified by then-President Donald Trump, but the classification markings had not been updated.”

It doesn’t matter what Trump had at his house. The FBI doesn’t raid the home of a former president. It has never happened in the history of our republic.

But it fits, because this isn’t a republic anymore. It’s a post-republic.

Oh – and so you’ll know, this kind of thing is nothing new. For instance…


All the Mar-A-Lago raid really amounts to is a rapid turning up of the heat. We’re frogs in the pot and we’ve been boiling slowly.

Now, we’re boiling more quickly.

The rules don’t exist anymore. They haven’t for a while. We want to keep playing by them, but the illicit, post-republic regime in power now has zero interest in preserving them.

Power is their rule.

There are no documents at Mar-A-Lago worth staging an FBI raid on a former president’s home. That’s the kind of provocative move that can start a civil war. That’s how you get a mob of said former president’s supporters coming after the FBI agents.

And the White House is now clearly lying by saying it only heard about the raid on Twitter. Before something like this would happen in a viable republic, if ever it would, the President of the United States would have to address the nation and explain clearly why it was happening.

That’s not even remotely possible. This is the current POTUS, or POTATUS, as the case may be…

It’s been obvious for some time that America isn’t governed by the people we elected, but by an unaccountable, unqualified and mostly-invisible elite. If the White House truly didn’t know the FBI was going to do this, then there isn’t a shred of a republic left.

And if and when something like this escalates, now you have the governor of Florida who might decide to get involved.

This is a very dark time.

The Democrat Party is staging a coup against what’s left of the American republic in real time. They respect no limits on power, and no limits on its uses. Not even a former President of the United States with a full Secret Service detail is safe from the rapacity and aggression of this regime.

The Republicans in the Senate can and should respond to this by blocking the continuing resolution that funds the Department of Justice and the IRS. That continuing resolution expires on September 30.

In a viable republic, that would be an expected consequence of such an outrageous affront to public order. But there is no reason to have confidence that 80-year-old Mitch McConnell, the von Hindenburg of the third political era in American history, will step up and lead.

The republic is dying, and it’s the post-republic which beckons.

Act accordingly. Because when there are no rules, that cuts both ways, and everything goes on the table.