Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Alex Stein Does What This Country Has Desperately Needed For A While

One of the running outrages in American politics for the past two or three years has been the unbelievable lack of accountability for Eric Swalwell, one of the most personally corrupt and publicly obnoxious members of Congress – so arrogant that he actually put himself forth as a 2020 presidential candidate for a brief period when there was utterly zero reason why he could expect anyone to vote for him.

When Swalwell ran, he opened himself up to increased scrutiny, and a scandal tumbled forth which should have ended his political career and maybe even his freedom.

Swalwell, while a member of the House Intelligence Committee, was having a sexual affair with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang. That happened in 2015, and intelligence officials told him “hey, you’re sleeping with a spy.” According to Swalwell, he broke it off with her at that point and he called the FBI about her.

But we have no idea how much material the Chinese got out of that honey pot. And based on Swalwell’s public conduct, we also have no idea whether Swalwell didn’t willingly trade us out for a little bang-bang with Fang Fang and then, when the intel people busted him, he perhaps decided to go straight.

Things like this should be a career-buster. For people in leadership positions the standard should be the results – compromise American security interests through intentional acts or careless ones, and you’re out.

You would have thought he’d pay for that with the loss of his committee assignment at the very least. You’d also expect that Swalwell would be forced to resign from Congress – or that the voters back home in California would dump him at their first opportunity.

But no – he pulled out of the presidential race, which he was always going to do, and won re-election to Congress. He’s up for re-election again this fall and had no trouble getting the Democrat nomination.

And he’s STILL on the Intelligence Committee.

So far, then, there has been zero consequence for Eric Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese spy while a member of the House Intelligence Committee. None. He’s the classic unaccountable Democrat politician who can literally set a torch to everything he’s sworn to protect and it’s fine.

At least until internet impresario Alex Stein comes along.

You’ll recall Stein, who really made a splash when he waited on the steps of the U.S. Capitol for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to come by and then unleashed a torrent of ridicule, calling her his favorite “big-booty Latina.” It was crude, and it could have been a little funnier, but the act itself was a piece of rebellion and derision that was sorely needed. Ocasio-Cortez is treated like a princess by the legacy media and the high-society crowd on the East Coast despite the fact she’s an utter fraud, a moron, and an entirely unpleasant little brat. Taking her down a peg even with forgettable antics like Stein’s was a public service.

But this time Stein waylays Swalwell, and it’s a bit tighter, more aggressive and uproariously derisive, and Swalwell is clearly mortified that he’s being laid into. He doesn’t take the bait and he scurries away, but he’s clearly damaged.

Is this rude and uncouth? You bet it is. But given the performance of our ruling elite, and given the complete unwillingness of the “acceptable” media to impose any sort of accountability on them, we’re willing to accept rude and uncouth. The Left has been attempting to harass and intimidate Republicans for years, and even does it to their own (see Kyrsten Sinema in an Arizona State University women’s bathroom), and apparently that’s just how it’s done these days.

This is the kind of ridicule these people need. Good for Stein, who’s getting better with every attempt, that he’s willing to provide it.