Sunday, February 25, 2024

Feeling Disempowered? Ask Your Constitution if the Second Amendment is Right For You.

Have you been feeling a bit uneasy over these past few years? Maybe it feels a little like claustrophobia in how the overbearing reach of Big Tech and “mandates” are crowding your liberties and personal space. Perhaps the emotion of general worry for the state of your income and expenses is starting to feel a bit like actual fear as the horizon offers little to no optimism. Are you unsure of how you will gain the momentum of courage and action increasingly needed to support yourself, your family, and your country while politicians and citizens of the world parade on like performers of an insane, corrupt circus?

If so, you are not alone, and finding out what it means to personally own firearms may be just the support you need.

The Founding Fathers knew that a well-regulated militia was necessary to the security of a free State, and they wanted to make damn sure that right was never going to be infringed.

But why?

Many patriots out there are armed to the gills for when Joe Biden’s F-15’s come to take us away for creatively avoiding our increasing small business tax debts, or for when some foreign (or private i.e., U.N.) army comes crawling over the hillsides of your local town to commandeer your land and family.

Those reasons are valid as they ever were.

However, there is a more urgent and practical reason to take full advantage of this right our constitution insists on protecting for us: the momentum of courage through action in personal sovereignty for all aspects.

Living in line with the intentions of those who risked it all to give us our great nation can offer us the ability to be more confident in acting in line with our own beliefs on the smaller, day to day opportunities that make up our real lives. It is this ground-level patriotism that makes all the difference in our current realities.

Having the guts to defend oneself by having a firearm is one thing, but the cumulative courage that comes from actually taking action on any steps that empower and liberate us and our communities is where the bread and butter of maintaining our freedom and expressing our sovereignty can truly be found.

It’s a statistical fact that gun owners are more law-abiding, more engaged in the political process, more likely to give time and money to charitable causes, and more engaged with their families and communities. Which is the precise opposite of the false narrative our legacy media is constructing around gun ownership. 

Through training with and owning firearms, (along with actions like tending home gardens, educating ourselves through reading and classes, and using our money wisely) we add a marble to the jar of personal strength and commitment to develop our lives as we see fit, and protect them as necessary from oppression or scarcity. As the situation at hand requires all of us acting in accordance with our values and beliefs, since no hero is coming to save us, we need to add as many marbles to that jar as we can.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that things are going to be a bit shaky over the next few years. That means it’s our responsibility to be equipped with not only the physical supplies needed to continue a defense against tyranny foreign and domestic, but even to speak up against these wrongdoings when we see them in our day to day life. 

Will having your first, or 15th, gun in a safe in your home empower you to finally speak your mind at work or at dinner with friends when topics come up that you passionately disagree with? There is only one way to find out, and it often comes with a free, childproof case.