Sunday, February 25, 2024

Dear College Conservatives: You are Not Alone

The Fall almost upon us. You know what that means: a new school year is about to begin for American Higher Education.

In the past month, millions of American college students have descended upon the thousands of universities scattered across the United States.

For anyone outside of college life, it’s easy to forget how tough life can be for conservative college students.

Of course, we all know that college has become an Uber-Liberal bastion. We’ve all watched Steven Crowder “Change my Mind” videos or Ben Shapiro “college SJW owned” video compilations on YouTube. It’s easy to point and laugh at the wacky SJWs on college campuses throughout the country.

The truth is that life on a college campus is no joke. In fact, life as a conservative college student can be pretty rough at times. If you’re a typical college student, chances are that you will have to deal with Liberal professors, Marxist student activists, and hedonistic pursuits/party culture. You’ll also have to take pro-CRT classes and have to attend a “Woke” student orientation as a college freshman.

Trying to live as a conservative young man or woman in college is no easy task. In fact, the conservative lifestyle might make one feel lonely on your typical college campus.

To my conservative college students, fear not! You are not alone!

There are other like-minded college students on your college campus—even at places like Cal Berkeley or NYU. It might not seem that way when your Transgender professor is ranting about “Crushing the Patriarchy” for the third time this week.

But in all seriousness, I promise that there are other conservatives on your college campus. If that’s the case, then the real question is “where are they?”.

Almost every university in America has at least one right-wing/conservative political group on campus. College Republicans, Turning Point USA, and Students for Life are some of the more prominent conservative student organizations in America. So, your university is bound to have one of these clubs. In your quest for finding other conservatives, the first step to take is look into one of the conservative organizations on your campus.

In the rare case that your university doesn’t have one of these clubs, another way to find other conservative college students is to join/attend a traditional Christian Church/congregation. Many Churches near a college campus have some sort of Christian college student group or club. So, you’re bound to find some Christ-centered (and likely conservative) college students if you join a solid, Bible-based Church near your campus.

All of this advice so far requires a fair bit of initiative. On a college campus, you won’t likely stumble upon other Conservatives by accident. You need to intentionally put yourself in situations where you will actually meet other Conservative students.

So then, why I am giving this advice to conservative college students? The answer: because I care.

Fairly recently, I was in your position too. I was a conservative student on a college campus. I understand that being openly/vocally conservative can make life unpleasant on most college campuses. Believe me, people used to make rude comments towards me when I used to table for a conservative club on my campus, and my university was not a hardcore-Liberal campus.

From my personal experience, some of my best memories in college involved the conservative organizations that I joined—including Turning Point USA and College Republicans. Those two clubs helped me become the man that I am today, so I am extremely grateful for the growth that these two clubs offered to me.

That being said, I want future conservative college students to have the same conservative community that I experienced as a student. The people I met in these clubs certainly made a positive impact in my life.

God did not create us to be alone; we human beings are made to be in communion with others. So, joining a conservative student organization might help you find that conservative community  you’ve been looking for in college.

To close this article, I want to remind the overall Conservative movement about the importance of American universities. We conservatives cannot continue to allow the Left to dominate Higher Education. We cannot abandon conservative college students to Leftist professors. If we want to Revive the Traditional American society, then we need to take back the American education system and remove the “Woke virus” endemic to most American universities.

Much of the conservative movement has abandoned the average conservative college student. To that sentiment, I say no more. We will not give up on helping our conservative college students!

Let’s all work to help conservative college students this school year!

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