Monday, May 20, 2024

Oh, Do You Want To Talk About Global Warming? Let’s Bring Dan Pena In And See What He Says

This is just a fun five minute video on a topic of recent interest since bad left-wing governments across the planet, including our own here in the USA, have decided to make public policy on the basis of a destructive fraud.

Dan Pena is a crusty old guy with a foul mouth, and he curses a blue streak in this clip – so be prepared. He’s also worth several hundred million dollars, is a world-renowned business and success coach and has his hands in all kinds of commercial endeavors. Pena is a bit off the beaten track, but you’ll occasionally run into things he says which are brilliant.

This is one of them.

This clip came from a talk Pena gave in London, and as is often the case when anyone of note speaks in Western Europe an unhinged leftist stands up to ask a weepy, emotional question about how global warming will destroy the world.

And Dan Pena isn’t interested in weepy, emotional climate-alarmist loons wasting his time with accusations. He wonders aloud that if the planet is going to warm up and the seas are going to rise, how come the banks are still loaning money for beachfront condos in Florida and all the other coastal properties being built across the globe?

Exactly, Dan.

It’s funny how nobody seems to have an answer for that question, and yet we’re destroying the power grid and the transportation sector all over the world based on a theory and a bunch of computer models which have yet to prove out with any actual concrete results.

Historians will look back on this time and wonder how such an advanced civilization could be so childish and stupid.