Sunday, May 19, 2024

Government Digital Currency And You

On March 9, 2022, the United States officially committed itself to socialism.

You and I, regardless of what we agree to or what we know are on road to “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

Think I’m blowing things out of proportion a touch?

An American citizen had 3 ways to voice his disagreement with the government:


Yeah, that’s gone. It’s been gone in most places and on the federal level for quite some time, but after 2020 we just don’t have the room to pretend otherwise anymore. Hopefully democracy, and not “Our Democracy,” as the creeps from Team Biden keep saying, can make a comeback this fall.

Speak out

First amendment is nice and dandy. Except when no one can hear you.

Does a tree make a sound when Twitter,Insta-crud, and Facebook de-platform it and Google blacklists in its search results?

No, no, it does not. Neither do you, no matter how loudly you scream.


Vote with your wallet. Take your money and go elsewhere. Don’t patronize leftist companies, Don’t pay to watch leftist TV, and Don’t spend money to support the leftist economy.

Your money’s to do with as you please

Was, that is. I guess the government decided to help you with that last one.

As noted above, on March 9, 2022, our dear leader, Joseph Poopy Pants Biden signed an executive order requesting the federal government to establish a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

It didn’t get any news coverage, there wasn’t much online chatter.

The response from the elite class/government bureaucracy was pretty predictable: it’s just another form of bitcoin.

Calm down, peasants.

This is to protect you from the evils of the uncontrolled bitcoin market. We’re making the market more equitable and allowing the underrepresented BIPOC & LGBTQURA74.1/2 minorities access to our financial system, you bigot.

This is to stop terrorism and money laundering- If you have nothing to hide why would you care?

What exactly is it?

Well, it’s 17 pages of twisting around the pole but in two words, Der Puddingfuhrer is requesting the government to develop governmental digital currency.

To be fair to our favorite sniffer, this only appears to be his decision.

Lael Brainard, a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, stated last year that US central bank is “stepping up its research and engagement on a digital version of the US dollar.”

Russian central bank governor Elvira Nabuillina told CNN in an interview that ” digital currency is the future of our financial system” around the same time.

The European central bank has been pushing the digital dollar forever.

Over 130 countries so far are kicking in their lot with government digital currency in one form or another.

Nigeria went full bore last October so the money you’re sending to the Nigerian prince this year better not be cash.

Government-owned digital currency is just too good of a racket to pass up. It’s here.

While existing cryptocurrencies can be subject to theft and used for illicit purposes, a US digital currency, depending on how it is designed, could provide households and businesses a convenient, electronic form of central bank money, with the safety and liquidity that would entail.” read a statement from the Federal Reserve.

Let’s take a quick at the arguments government uses to promote it:

CBDC is just another form of bitcoin.

It’s not. It’s the opposite of bitcoin. The only reason for bitcoin’s existence is its decentralized nature and its being outside of the government’s purview.

CBDC is there to protect people from the volatility of bitcoin.

Investment is a volatile game. That’s how the free market works. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

Government is here to protect us from the free market? I missed that in economics class I guess.

How about protecting people with money in the stock market our government policies are crashing? Real estate is down 24 percent on average? Are people buying GM cars?

Not only is this not the government’s job, government has never, ever succeeded at protecting any industry it took control of.

Look up the government takeover of the Mustang Ranch in Nevada.

Government is here to save us from Capitalism. Thank you.

CBDC will stop money laundering.

No, I don’t think so. US dollar is barely even a global reserve currency. China, Russia, India and other BRIK nations are developing their own fast. You could say they were pretty much pushed into that with the ridiculous sanctions the US imposed. Sanctions that crashed our economy and that of the EU and drove the Russian ruble to its highest position since the czars.

How’s giving the government absolute control over currency going to stop the government from laundering money in Ukraine, South America, or Afghanistan?

It might work on small-time crooks but then again, looks like anyone who’s anyone in the pinch-your-wallet game is connected to the feds anyway.

Yes, laundering money using CBDC by the government will be much more efficient.

I guess that’s one thing you can’t argue – this will save costs and speed up the money laundering process

CBDC will allow more accessible and equitable for our poor underprivileged minorities.

Racist much? Why do the progressives and the government they run keep on assuming that blacks are so dumb that they don’t know how to establish a bank account or a credit card? Are we back to the “blacks won’t be able to vote because they don’t have ID’s” thing? What’s the logic here? They can’t take ID pictures because the camera flash doesn’t work if your skin is dark?

CBDC will prevent terrorist financing

Now we’re getting somewhere.

Brings the recent attempts at gun purchase qualification into perspective.

Through CBDC government can track, access, and VETO all transactions.

The federal government, DOJ, and FBI are pretty clear on who the terrorists are.

The longer the name of a concept, the more words lawyers and writers pile around it-the simply it ends up being in the end.

CBDC is a way for the government to control YOUR money.

Somehow everything involving government ends up with a sentence with “money” and “control” in it.

Who’s behind the push?

If you want to find out why the digital currency push and where it’s aiming to go – look at who’s pushing it.

You didn’t think Biden, the guy that shakes hands with the ghosts and needs a cheat sheet to recall his last name is behind this?

Or anything else for that matter. This whole junta, Biden, Miley, Harris couldn’t scrape two thoughts together to start a fire.

CBDC is pushed through by Digital Dollar Project.

Digital dollar Project is a partnership between Accenture and Digital Dollar Foundation.

Their official goal is to ‘advance the exploration of US central bank Currency (CBDC)”.

The head of Accenture is Julie Sweet. Board member of WEF, member of Center for Strategic and International Studies (SIS’s members include Zbigniew Brzezinski, John McCain, and Henry Kissinger.)

Surprised? I bet not.

The Digital Dollar Foundation is a bit more discrete.

The public face of it are Giancarlo brothers, Chris and Charles, the old guard of crypto. Public appearances, conferences…they’re there.

But if you go on the DDF website and dig a bit deeper-they have no real role in the organization. They’re just the face.

Digital Dollar Foundation’s executive director is Jennifer Lassiter. WEF member, she serves on WEF digital currency Governance consortium and Mosaic project.

DDF’s senior managing director is David Treat. He is also a member of WEF, part of the WEF block-chain council, and the Program Advisor for the World Economic Forum’s Digital Identity Initiative and the Known Traveller Digital Identity project.

Both Accenture and Digital Dolar Foundations are run by WEF.

The same WEF founded and run by Claus Schwab, the orchestrator of the Great Reset.

The” you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” guy.

Makes this whole picture a heck of a lot simpler, doesn’t it?

But we’ll get back to that in a sec.

Now that we can see what these charming individuals are aiming to do let’s take a closer look at how it’s going to affect you and me.

What does this mean to you and me?

Crypto, paper dollar, a chicken in your hands to trade? That’s yours.

What’s left of it after the government’s done going prima nocta at you and your paycheck.

It’s in your hand, under your mattress, in your bank account.

You can burn it, buy gum with it or roll naked in it 90’s movie style. Wouldn’t recommend that last one-paper money is literally the least hygienic thing on earth and pennies and quarters are hard, scratchy, and hurt when combined with velocity (there is a reason there are no live mimes left).

Now, the equation is different. Your dollar goes straight to the government.

It might be in an account with your name but it belongs to the government.

The token that represents your day’s work belongs to the government.

Not you.

Which means the work or property value it pays for belongs to the government.

Not you.

What you do and own belongs to the government.

What is the difference between owning a property and renting it?

If you strip out all the emotional fluff, the thing that makes something yours is being able to do what you want with it, sell it when and for however much you want to, to whomever you want to.

Now take your house.

Not that you own it now, if you were to stop paying taxes on it the government would take it away.

If you wanted to change it? pay the government for permits.

Build it? More permits

Sell it? Well, yeah, it’s yours and all that. Pay the sales tax anyway.

This has been creeping in for a long time.

But now, it just takes it a step farther.

You can sell it to whoever you’d like, but that whoever has to ask the government to give you their money so they can take possession of your house.

The thing is, the neighborhood you’re in is not diverse enough and the “they” buying it are the wrong shade.

So no sale.

We’re going to have to decline your request to use YOUR money.

When you want to buy something you’ll ASK the government to transfer your money to someone else.

If you’ve misbehaved, like for example you supported The Orange Man on Facebook, accumulated carbon tickets, looked in the eyes of an overseer – sorry, government servant – or just had a burger with extra cheese – extra calories are detrimental to your ability to work – you’re not benefiting the group. You need to be corrected.

So you will get 40 cents instead of 46. Run afoul of us again and you’ll get 20.

A third time? You’ll get a bill you’ll catch up on next month.

If you’re allowed to buy gas to get to work.

If you’re allowed to work.

Then again maybe you’re a hard case. Maybe you’re a biker and a flag-waver, you don’t give a ….. …. and you don’t submit.

Well, I guess we’ll just have to see what we can do about your kid’s account. Wife’s? Mother’s? That guy you shook hands with at Home Depot on 3/25/2022?

There is always someone.

Or, if there isn’t, well, how about we’ll punish everyone on the block you live on and advise them that it’s thanks to your disobedience?

If enough people know you’re the reason they’re getting bent over, they’ll deal with you themselves.

Will of the people, comrade.


Heck, no.

How’s your saving to improve your or your family’s future benefit the group?

We all have to chip in to get the economy up.

What do you need to save for? You’re not happy with your station in life? Want more for your rugrats? Well, if we’d allow that, what sort of neo-feudalism (funny how similar that is to socialism) would that be?

Not a suggestion, friend. If you don’t spend your money well, we’ll just cancel it.

Spend it when we tell you, on what we tell you, or we’ll just spend it for you.

Those Ukrainian orphans won’t grow into Ukrainian hookers on their lonesome. Someone has to flip the bill.

Once the paper cash is in circulation, banks and the government have no control over it.

Central banks/governments are pretty clear in their intention to increase nominal spending and prevent people from saving.

It can’t do much about it with paper cash, gold, or trade.

It can do everything about it with digital currency. As Chinese digital currency shows. Don’t forget that a great deal of the above is very real in China thanks to the social credit system they created with help from Big Tech right here in America.

We are in an economic crisis. We are at war with Russia, the war on drugs, war on childhood obesity. Whatever the anti-hoarder law kicks Obama signed is on.

Are you hoarding cash that can be used to help out the economic system we ruined?

You kulak!

Thank God (in this case I’m assuming a love child of Lenin and Mohamed) we’re holding your money for you.

Let’s put your cash back into circulation or just cancel it- the needs of the many override the needs of the few.

We’ll scratch a mark against your social credit score anyway, because you really should have behaved.

But why stop with a single person?

This works beautifully aimed at groups and organizations.

Your church or a synagogue needs to rent a building? Well, maybe you should start preaching God’s love for pedophilia.

No? Well, I guess that money will just sit here till you do.

Who cares about how much money Trump’s got? If he can’t use it to rent a venue, no one’s gonna hear him speak.

Are you saying a MAGA candidate out-raised our guy 4 to 1 again?

That can’t be right.

I suspect money laundering. Yeah, money laundering. Let’s make their accounts even.

What do you mean we don’t have the software-just use the dominion program from 2020.

Problem? Solution.

You think that’s insane?

Well, China has started trials of digital yen last year. And it’s connected to the social credit score.

And yeah, you can’t move if your score is too low, you can’t buy tickets to fly or take a train, get internet, and so on.

The same China Pelosi once described as a Beacon of Freedom and a country we can learn from. Same place Lebron James and our Canuck friend, Mr. Trudope look to with humble adoration. You know, the concentration camp capital of the world.

And while we’re on the subject of Fidel Castro’s offspring, what do you think government can and will do with the absolute power control of your finances gives it?

Looking back at history, is there one moment when government, kings, and lords had the power to step on those below them and failed to?

Justin Trudeau froze bank accounts of disobedient truckers until they behaved.

Froze bank accounts, donations in another country, and crypto wallets .

Now that was government having to deal with independent banks, businesses, and (suppose to be impregnable) crypto.

Didn’t seem to slow our frozen fascists much.

What would happen if the government doesn’t have to bother with banks and such?

Alina Lipp is a German journalist who reports from Donetsk republic on the Ukraine war.

The German government does not approve of what she’s reporting (thank God journalists in our country understand the importance of doing what they’re told).

A short time ago Alina finds out both her and HER FATHER”S bank accounts are frozen.

First, they deleted my material on the internet, then they blocked my bank account, blocked the bank account of my father, and yesterday I got this letter from German authorities that they opened now a criminal case against me.”

What is interesting, in the end of the letter, they are writing that they are not going to invite me to a hearing because this would disturb the investigations. That’s very interesting. So they are persecuting me but don’t want to hear me out,” Alina Lipp

A government in control of currency is the government in control of you.