Saturday, July 20, 2024

What Happened To Mark Houck Is Shocking And Disgusting, But Not Surprising

Is the F.B.I. chasing shock value and fear mongering these days instead of real criminals? It certainly seems that way. 

Just ask a prominent Catholic, pro-life author and sidewalk counselor, his wife, and their seven young children, and you’ll quickly learn that the Houcks have felt the wrath of the Biden administration’s weaponization of the Department of Justice in full force.

According to multiple outlets who have spoken with the family, A SWAT team of roughly 20-30 agents, with guns drawn, descended upon the home in the early morning hours on Friday, September 23, sending the children screaming in traumatized terror, to start their day.

According to, Mark Houck is a pro-life advocate who “regularly prays the Rosary outside an abortion clinic in Philadelphia …” and “is the co-founder and president of the Catholic Ministry, The King’s Men, which aims to give spiritual formation to Catholic men.”

Ryan-Marie, Houck’s wife, as reported by, asked the agents if they had a warrant, and the reply she received was, “they were going to take him whether they had a warrant or not”.

If that isn’t a hint that these bodyguards of corruption have become an arrogantly pretentious rogue agency, I’m not sure what is.

Once confronted by Houck’s wife with the accusation of kidnapping her husband, the agents presented the first page of the warrant to her, which cited charges for violations of the FACE Act, due to an alleged attack by Houck, on a 72-year-old patient escort in October of last year. But those charges were dropped by The District Court in Philadelphia … so why would the DOJ pick them up, again?

Multiple recounts of the original incidents that led to this ridiculous overreach of power, have been rebutted by witnesses who imply that the altercation had nothing to do with obstruction of entrance to said clinic, but that Houck was acting in defense of his 12-year-old son, whom the ELDERLY, ADULT 72-year-old man, was harassing with belligerent slurs and vulgarities, meant to attack both. Your first clue is that this incident began while Houck and his son were praying.

Any father who is any kind of father at all, would have defended their child in this instance. And any 72-year-old man, should KNOW better. How is that a violation of the FACE Act? It isn’t, and the Feds know it. But let me tell you what else they know; they know that the FACE Act does NOT protect “protestors such as sidewalk counselors who try to give information to women outside of reproductive health facilities.”

How convenient is that?

What part of all this does the FBI not understand? I can answer that. NONE of it. Because it would be impossible for them not to know; therefore, the only conclusion I can come to, is that this was nothing more than a gross manipulation of the law, toward injustice, perpetrated for politically charged reasons.

Yes, Houck acted out of anger and shoved the man, and he ended up with a band-aid. But the convenience factor, here, for the powers that be, of this happening in front of an abortion clinic – creating the right circumstances and the right timing – was just too good to pass up.

This is one of the most blatant political bullying moves, I’ve seen. The situation created a convenient scenario for them to catch Houck in a technical loophole because it was politically opportunistic.

And opportunistic, they are.

It has nothing to do with truth, and everything to do with control of the psychological perception of the masses, to send a very clear message, between the lines of shock value and fear mongering.

If you’re a conservative, increasingly you’re an enemy of the state with Team Biden in charge of it. Period.