Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Have You Noticed They Don’t Kneel In The NFL Anymore?

It’s Week 4 in the 2022 NFL season and already the Super Bowl halftime show has been set, which is great because it gives the fans something else to complain about. The real question I have however is what happened to the dramatic kneeling during the national anthem?

Colin Kaepernick, whose career as an NFL quarterback was tanking, started this trend as a way to get back at police violence. Instead of donating his time or money to help victims or communities who might run into this issue, Colin put his wallet away and took a knee.

This is a common practice I see among liberal protestors, is that they want to play the role but not actually pay the role.

Think about it: for a moment, you see all these people marching, protesting, and changing their Facebook status. And this helps, how?

I mean I’m no college professor, but that doesn’t really solve an issue.

Instead of protesting, why not use that time and energy to donate to the cause? Instead of protesting against the treatment of the homeless, why not let them into your house or help them find a job?

There’s a term for this. It’s called slacktivism.

The bottom line is that protesting by Democrats is one of the greatest hypocritical acts. So the question remains why do they protest but never actually follow through with any sort of action that will help to change or solve the world?

The answer is simple. Like I’ve said before, the Democratic Party is addicted to media attention. When you really look at Democrat protesting, the end result is always money. Clearly, Collin Kaepernick got a huge payout from Nike and other sponsors. It’s simple economics – if you wanna look like a company that supports the cause when in reality you’re just really trying to attract the customers, you sponsor the leader.

For example, do you think Pepsi really cares about NASCAR? They really don’t, but NASCAR has a lot of fans and Pepsi wants to sell them a lot of soda. 

The sad part is that in the end after all of the Democratic protesting, nothing happens and it only stops when the media stops talking about it. When kneeling was hot in the NFL and could get you media attention, tons of lackluster athletes did it for the coverage. Did these kneeling athletes stop playing their multimillion-dollar sport and devote their time to fighting the cause they were kneeling for, of course they didn’t.

Because they’re hypocrites.

None of these guys live in the neighborhoods where the cops so abuse the locals, you know. They might have come up in neighborhoods like that, but that first contract out of college sent them off to the ‘burbs with Karen and Chad.

Jump to the year 2022 and what has Colin Kaepernick been up to? How’s he been trying to help victims of police abuse or these communities?

Not so much. Kaepernick’s been trying to make it back into the NFL.

The culture of America is in this interesting flux based on trending. People will only support a cause if it grabs media attention, and that’s sad.  Almost the only thing I can remember which came out of the athletes-kneeling trend was that South Park episode based on it.

That was basically the only good development from the kneel-fest.

Well, that and Colin Kaepernick got millions and millions of dollars from sponsorships, so it’s a nice little scam he was able to pull off for a while.

It’s probably a whole other article discussing these liberal movements that hustle people for donations, Mafia-style, and then spend the money on themselves.

After everything however I think the real crime with Colin Kaepernick was he drove my fantasy football team into the ground. And that, I will never forgive.