Friday, May 24, 2024

If You’re John Fetterman, The Truth Hurts

Good Morning Fellow Americans, and a sad one for John Fetterman.

This is probably a good time to examine one of the enigmas currently plaguing American politics. Simply put, sometimes the truth hurts, but it is still the truth. As Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen said, “Moral principals do not depend on a majority vote. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is wrong. Right is right even if nobody is right.”

John Fetterman is a Democrat and the incumbent Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania. He is running against Dr. Mehmet Oz for a senate seat. Before becoming Lt. Governor in 2019 Fetterman was the Mayor of Braddock, a small-town (population around 1900) suburb of Pittsburgh from 2006 to 2019.

In reviewing his record as mayor, in typical Democrat fashion he made many election promises and fulfilled very few. His biggest promises were to increase property values while simultaneously increasing the population. Nevertheless, even today very little has changed. The city is still very depressed financially and the population has remained stagnant.  Now to be fair, Braddock has suffered tremendously since the decline of the US Steel industry. The town has lost over 90% of its population over the last century, and has struggled to remain viable with even the most basic things such as a grocery store, gas station, a medical facility, etc.

During his terms as mayor, Fetterman vocalized good intentions and then proceeded to approach solutions in haphazard ways.  He loved grabbing headlines by doing things such as purchasing a local church with his family’s money and then living in the basement for several months.  The church was eventually turned into a community center, a nice thought, but hardly the highest priority of the town. He then purchased an adjoining warehouse and again grabbed headlines by placing storage containers on the roof for extra living space, and moving in. Some other highlights of his term included converting vacant lots into parks and gardens, building the town’s only basketball court, and establishing a two-acre urban farm that was worked by teenagers from a local youth project.

I think you would agree that these things all sound nice, and I’m sure they are. To me all of his accomplishments have a “lipstick on a pig quality.” Still, ascetics aside, the town is still suffering badly, and many of the homes there are condemned or uninhabitable.

His questionable decisions also include having the Braddock zip code tattooed on his left arm and the dates of nine murders that occurred while he was mayor tattooed on his right. Again, attention for him.

Now, he and his campaign have taken bad decisions to a new level. On May 13th of this year he suffered a stroke which resulted in the need for surgery to install a pacemaker and an implanted defibrillator. The procedures caused him to remain hospitalized for nine days. Upon leaving the hospital, he basically withdrew from public view until August. Which is understandable in order to recuperate.

In his public appearances since August, he has demonstrated obvious cognizant difficulty. Most of which has manifested in the ability to not speak fluently. He phrases it as “having difficulty with his auditory processing and speech.”

This difficulty has caused him, until today, to refuse to debate Dr. Oz who has continually pressed him to do so, or to withdraw for health reasons. Fetterman’s handlers have viewed this pressure from Oz as disrespect and mocking someone that has suffered from a stroke. They loudly criticized Oz in an attempt to turn logic into a detriment.  Finally today, they have agreed to one and only one debate. However, they do have conditions. All of which are very telling. First they want the debate to be held on October 25th which is just two weeks before the election, but a full month after mail in voting has started. This is an obvious attempt to minimize any damage visually watching Fetterman during the debate will cause. Second, they want close captioning to be used on monitors that are visible to the candidates. Is this an attempt to allow Fetterman to better understand what Oz is saying? The Oz campaign believes so, in fact they have asked that the debate be extended to ninety minutes and also to have the moderator explain to the viewers that Fetterman is reading captions off of the monitor. Lastly, and perhaps the most telling is that Fetterman wants two “Practice” sessions at the Harrisburg location so he can “feel comfortable” with the closed captioning.

Does this sound like a candidate that is fit to hold a senate seat? Once again, stating the truth is portrayed by the Democrats as rude and crass behavior, when it is simply stating the obvious truth. Someone that suffered a stroke in May and is displaying ongoing effects has no business running for a public office. The only reason that they won’t accept the truth is greed. They will not give up on a chance to add another seat even when their candidate is clearly compromised. Not even when it is in the best interest of the person’s health. The same party that kept “Sleepy, Lost Joe” locked up in his basement to hide the fact that he is mentally impaired is at it again. Biden isn’t mentally fit to be President and Fetterman isn’t fit for the Senate.

What is really unpalatable is how the Democrats attempt to project a negative perspective onto the Republican stance. Which in spite of the politics involved, is the only one taking Fetterman’s health into consideration.