Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Talkin’ Revivalism With John Fredericks This Morning

The Revivalist Manifesto’s latest media hit is an appearance I did bright and early on a Monday morning with John Fredericks, whose syndicated radio show can be heard here.

We talked a little about the midterms, as Fredericks sees a path to a 55-vote Senate GOP majority. He’s not wrong. In his calculus, Republicans need to hold seats in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which I agree with him will happen, and then there are the Democrat-held seats in Nevada, Georgia and Arizona where Republican nominees are within striking distance or even ahead.

Then Fredericks thinks there are opportunities for GOP flips in New Hampshire and Colorado. I threw Washington into the mix as well, as Patty Murray’s approval ratings are terrible and a recent poll has Tiffany Smiley, her GOP opponent, within three points.

My theory is that Team Biden is too rife with out-of-touch incompetence and their performance is simply too awful to rack up many wins in this election cycle. The real question then becomes whether the Republican Party is good enough to take it from them. And as we’ve noted here at RVIVR, the GOP establishment is most definitely deficient in this regard – but the revivalist movement, which is still taking shape but has the backing of a large majority of the party’s voters, is beginning to show this kind of strength.

Something which will be very evident by November.

Anyway, here’s the clip. Enjoy!