Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Grooming Of America, Part 2: Health Crisis=Economic Opportunity

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series; click here for Part 1.

We all remember those initial weeks like a nightmare burned into our consciousness, before anyone really started piecing together the likely deception that is COVID19.

Hiding in our homes, workplaces shut down, isolated from family and friends, masks required to do the things we’d done freely our whole lives, even during other disease outbreaks, without a second thought. We watched in horror as an insidious, newly perceived threat destroyed our lived realities, overnight.

Therein lies your hint. Newly perceived; we’ll get back to that, later.

Some of us started asking questions when the story started changing…again, and again, and again. Some of us just did what we were told.

“Two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into months/years of kicking the can down the road to see how far America and the rest of the world could be pushed. But not before the powers that be took advantage of the adage, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

And they certainly did not waste this one.

Once it was obvious that the pandemic wasn’t leaving anytime soon, our benevolent powers came up with “solutions.” Solutions we were more than ready for. Timing is everything. Something had to be done! The economy had been laid to waste by a jacked-up illness listed on a Lysol can! When did that get there, and why did I never notice it, before?

The Fed starting printing money like Santa Claus with a grossly inflated spending budget for Christmas. States increased unemployment insurance benefits, PPP loans came to the rescue, stimulus checks went out, and more. 

This all seemed fine and dandy in the moment of crisis, but what happens when people go back to work and once again, must settle for a lower standard of living? A lot of resentment.

Conservatives sounded the alarm, and rightly so. Incurring additional astronomical amounts of debt as a nation was not a solid course of action, particularly for taxpayers, but of course The Fed sold their snake oil to the people, and called it “relief,” and Congress proudly passed it.

If only we had a solid understanding of the pork that gets passed along with those, minuscule in comparison, streams of economic relief that we’ll be paying for, for the rest of our lives.

These moves were like wolves in sheep’s clothing. Leaning into America’s love for free anything, and instant gratification, gave them the opportunity of a lifetime, and they took it; conditioning the masses to a sense of entitlement to free money and sitting around until they get it.

It sends the message, “We’ll take care of you. Trust us. We have your best interest at heart.”


This ebb and flow of reward and punishment at the hand of the state, has goals. But they’re not new. Welfare operates on the same principles, and look at all the assistance that every migrant coming in through the southern border, is receiving right now, at the taxpayer’s expense.

 It’s RAINING FREE MONEY for everyone who doesn’t work!

This is a pattern, eroding the American way of life.

But hold up…now that they’ve opened the floodgates of help, they’re about to slam them shut and punish those who took advantage, but only those who WANT to work, or ARE working. 

Now, New York’s unelected governor Kathy Hochul has vowed to crackdown on unemployment fraud, and who can be against that? Fraud is fraud. But shouldn’t that apply to the governments, both federal and state, too? 

There it is again, that ebb and flow of reward and punishment by the powers that be, against their own people, which says, “You play by our rules, or you pay the price. We did this, now we’re going to weed out those who misbehaved.” Those misbehaving have apparently done so to the tune of $11,000,000.00.

My brain loves to connect dots, and they line up a lot like underhanded psychological conditioning for a social credit scoring system. A way to groom the masses for the “I give to you with benevolence, but I can take it away just as fast, and the taking away will hurt,” parental style of reward and punishment, that leaves a person’s entire well-being at the mercy of government’s totalitarian authority.

The left is desperate to maintain any upper hand it can get. Hochul has even gone so far as to encourage ALL republicans to leave the state, almost ratifying the notion that it was never a free state to begin with!

If Americans continue to remain ignorant to the left’s agendas and patterns, something far beyond the point where it’s possible to hide, will blindside us all, and their power will be multiplied. If Americans aren’t standing up to this kind of rhetoric, but were upset over Trump’s bombast and pugnaciousness, our country has a serious problem with lack of intelligence and awareness that needs to change, NOW.

Exposing the patterns that are grooming America for subversion is critical to restoring our ability to find and uproot the seeds of the weeds that have been deliberately planted and are suffocating her roots of freedom.

America is choking. Start weeding.