Saturday, May 25, 2024

Too Much Narcissism, Too Little Impulse Control, Will Destroy Us

A story out of Los Angeles this week offers additional proof that we have too much narcissism in society and that parents need to teach their children how to cope with life’s many challenges.

Federal officials this week sentenced a 25-year-old Beverly Hills man to 60 months in federal prison for trying to hire a hitman to kill a woman he briefly dated. The woman, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, repeatedly tried to break off their relationship. 

That man, Scott Quinn Berkett, pleaded guilty to one count of interstate facilities to commit murder-for-hire. Federal authorities arrested him in May 2021. Berkett met the victim online in 2020.

When will society process the following lessons?

Lesson Number One: When society declares war on God and the traditional family unit and goes totally secular then don’t act surprised when young people kill wantonly and without remorse to compensate for their lack of coping skills with life’s many challenges. Some of these old conservative traditions were in place because the people who passed them down understood human nature exceptionally well. Those people also understood the conditions that human beings needed not only to thrive but to do so in a stable environment. Those traditions were in place for good reason. They were literally the glue that held society together.

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Lesson Number Two: Our society has, in recent years, created a generation of young narcissists. Parents forget it’s their job to train future adults for real life. Parents cater to their child’s every whim and shield them from the harsh realities they will face as grown-ups. Consequently, those kids don’t develop healthy and appropriate coping skills. They overreact when life doesn’t go their way. Look at how many self-absorbed young people post videos on TikTok. Google the name Elliot Rodger, who killed six people in California and then himself because he couldn’t cope with his lack of social skills around women. 

Lesson Number Three: We shut down mental institutions because they supposedly lack compassion. And doctors and nurses in those facilities could have treated mentally sick and likely violent people. Where’s the compassion in not treating those individuals in mental hospitals or closing those hospitals if violence or mass violence is the result? 

Lesson Number Four: We pass gun control laws to prevent mass shootings. But many of the people who commit those mass shootings use firearms they legally weren’t supposed to have. Gun control laws are useless and only prevent law-abiding people from having one to defend themselves. 

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Lesson Number Five: We install metal detectors in all government buildings….except for public schools. We don’t allow teachers to conceal carry, and when someone suggests that we do allow it we lose our composure and shout that idea down. 

Lesson Number Six: We blame a litany of things for mass schoolings….other than the actual root causes. At this rate, things aren’t going to get better. Until and unless we wise up to certain realities.

Last but not least: We wouldn’t have half of the world’s problems that we have today if certain parents would just teach their children right from wrong….and also teach them the importance of impulse control and coping mechanisms when life gets hard.

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