Saturday, July 20, 2024

New Study Finds Vegetarians And Vegans Are More Depressed Than Meat-Eaters

In news that shouldn’t surprise anyone who likes a big, juicy steak; a recent study has found that vegetarians and vegans are depressed twice as often as meat-eaters. The study out of Brazil showed a “positive association between the prevalence of depressive episodes and a meatless diet.”

The study had 14,216 participants between the ages of 35 and 74 and was conducted over six months. The participants were evaluated using the Clinical Interview Schedule-Revised instrument, a tool used to diagnose mental health disorders. The study found that vegetarians and vegans had twice the depressive episodes of meat-eaters, even after controlling for other factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, physical activity, and micronutrient intake.

This is not a surprise given how disgusting many vegan fake meat products are. Eating good food just makes people happier and Beyond Meat is not good food. Eating meat played a major role in human evolution. Man cannot live on rabbit food alone.

This is not the first study that showed that vegans were more depressed than meat-eaters. An analysis of 20 studies published in the journal Food Science and Nutrition in 2021 also showed that vegans and vegetarians were more depressed than meat-eaters.

Now many vegetarians and vegans would counter that they are more healthier overall than meat-eaters. That’s not necessarily the case. A 2016 study out of Austria found that vegetarians were more unhealthier and mentally disturbed than meat-eaters. In addition, vegetarians had an overall lower quality of life than meat-eaters. Finally, the study showed that vegetarians visited the doctor more frequently than meat-eaters.

Humans were intended to be omnivores. We were not intended to eat processed vegetable and soy slurry that is formed into fake meat.

Go and respect human nature. Go out and enjoy that steak or those chicken wings. Don’t be afraid to eat a bacon cheeseburger. Science says you will be happier for it!