Sunday, July 21, 2024

Alaska GOP Spanks McConnell For Opposing Republican Senate Endorsee

We’ve said here at RVIVR that Mitch McConnell is actively sandbagging this year’s Red Wave in the Senate, though increasingly it looks like he’s going to fail in that effort.

Don Bolduc in New Hampshire has closed to within 48-47 in one recent poll and 48-45 in another in his race against Democrat incumbent Maggie Hassan. Bolduc was drained of $5.6 million in Senate Leadership Fund (which is controlled by McConnell) advertising buys after he said he wouldn’t vote for McConnell – the most unpopular leader in Washington – as the GOP’s Senate leader were he elected.

Blake Masters in Arizona, pitifully outspent by Democrat incumbent Mark Kelly, trails 42-40, 48-45 and 47-46 in the three latest polls in that race. McConnell abandoned Masters in similar circumstances as he did Bolduc – but like Bolduc, Masters has clear momentum in the race and is quite likely to win anyway, though had he the benefit of the $18 million McConnell took away, the race would be comfortable for him. Masters won’t be voting for McConnell as the GOP Senate leader if he wins.

But the most amazing example of the 80-year-old McConnell’s selfish machinations, designed not to produce a Republican majority so much as a McConnell majority within the GOP caucus, comes in Alaska.

There, Kelly Tshibaka, who has the endorsement of Donald Trump and the state GOP, is running in a three-way race against GOP incumbent and RINO extraordinaire Lisa Murkowski, an aged, corrupt establishmentarian Republican voters in that state have been trying to get rid of for a dozen years, and a hapless Democrat named Pat Chesbro. Polls of the race show Tshibaka with a reasonably large lead of eight or nine points, though she isn’t showing above 50 percent and with the vagaries of the state’s new ranked-choice voting system things could still go wrong if she’s under 50 and loses on the 2nd place ballot.

Still, the projections have it that Tshibaka is going to win.

But not without having to overcome $5 million in ads McConnell is running for Murkowski, who on Friday endorsed the left-wing Democrat, Mary Peltola, who currently serves as the state’s lone House member, over her opponents Sarah Palin and Nick Begich.

And on Monday, the Alaska GOP decided to do something in response – something which hopefully will make members of the Senate GOP caucus take notice of who’s leading them and whether he’s helping them connect with their own constituents…

On Monday, the state Republican central committee announced the results of an overwhelming vote to admonish the national party leader over attack ads against Kelly Tshibaka, the candidate endorsed by the Alaska GOP who is challenging incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The final vote came to 49-8 in favor of a resolution censuring McConnell and the minority leader’s Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) which has pumped more than $5 million into the race to defend a key McConnell ally in the upper chamber.

“No one from Alaska wants big shots from the Lower 48 meddling in our elections, and they certainly don’t want D.C. Republicans lying about the candidate who’s been endorsed by the Alaska GOP,” Mary Ann Pruitt, an advisor to Tshibaka, told The Federalist. “Alaska Republicans are telling Mitch McConnell to stay out of it. But this goes to show you who Lisa Murkowski is aligned with. She’s wearing the jersey of the Washington establishment of Biden, Pelosi, and McConnell, and she’s not on Alaska’s team.”

Murkowski’s endorsement of Peltola was followed in turn by Peltola’s endorsement of Murkowski. Despite the fact there’s a Democrat in the race.


I’ve said this and I’ll continue to say it – the American people are desperate for a revival and are trying to produce one beginning with this election cycle. We’re voting with our feet against depraved city governments, against woke corporations, against degenerate public schools and against corrupted institutions taken over by the Left. Every cultural, political and economic institution which has given over to the rot of wokeness, anti-Americanism and LGBTQ advocacy is failing, and badly, because ordinary folks have woken up and taken notice and now actively reject them – though full disengagement from so many of them is difficult.

And what’s standing in the way of that revival taking flight, at least in the political sense, is a dessicated and discredited Washington establishment within the Republican Party which can no longer win elections even within the party’s own voters.

It has to cheat the GOP base in order to hold power as a submissive entity within the Beltway hierarchy.

Rather than reform itself and embrace the loud message its own supporters are trying to give it, it’s actively screwing those supporters.

This is dangerous, and not just to McConnell, who simply cannot be allowed to hold his current position beyond the midterms. You’re seeing where it leads just by looking to the UK. There, a new prime minister has been imposed on the country who is a full-on Great Reset globalist in thrall to China – he wasn’t elected in a popular vote, or even in a vote of his own party’s members of Parliament. Rishi Sunak was instead installed after the ruling elite thwarted a populist conservative in Liz Truss whose failings were obvious.

And the voters of Great Britain are getting exactly what they didn’t want. Instead of Brexit, smaller government, national sovereignty and lower taxes, they’re getting Davos forced down their throats.

The Republican Party is in danger of becoming just as meaningless as the Tory Party in the UK, at a time when Americans are demanding that it become a governing party. But if McConnell’s machinations produce another term of Murkowski and a close-but-no-cigar finish for Bolduc and Masters, the revival, the Fourth Era of American politics, will have to wait.

And it can’t wait. Opportunities don’t last forever. And we’re running out of time to save the country.