Sunday, April 14, 2024

COVID Cons? We’re Being Run By Them

I love true crime mysteries. I record all of the Dateline, 48 Hours and 20/20 episodes. While those shows mostly deal with murder or missing person mysteries, another show that I have really grown to enjoy is American Greed. American Greed is different in that it deals with scams and fraud cases.

When I watch those shows I just shake my head at how devious people can be and how much money they are able to scam. I mean we are talking about literally millions of dollars and in some cases hundreds of millions. It’s also amazes me with the wide variety of schemes they can come up with.

Recently, I watched an episode that was titled “COVID Cons.” That episode focused on four family members through marriage, that conned hundreds of millions out of the Paycheck Protection Program or PPP.  This peaked my interest and after doing a little research I learned that this was just a drop in the bucket. In fact, it has been called “The largest fraud of this generation.”

The estimate is that out of the $800 Billion allotted for the PPP, as much as $80 Billion was stolen through fraudulent claims. That’s ten percent. Now wait for it.

There was another fund called “The COVID Unemployment Relief Fund” that was allotted $900 Billion. Out of that program it is estimated that between $100 – $400 Billion was taken by fraud, and if all of that wasn’t bad enough there was another $80 Billion stolen from a separate COVID relief program.

These numbers are staggering. So remember when you hear these dollar amounts that the government does not produce revenue. Any money they spend or lose is generated by taxpayers.

Now the current administration led by Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to pay funeral costs for those who lost loved ones to COVID.

While at first glance this sounds like a noble idea, consider this. Everyone knows that the death totals for COVID for WILDLY exaggerated. We have all heard stories of people that died in auto or motorcycle crashes where the deaths were attributed to COVID. Now just imagine how many deaths that were caused by other diseases were listed as COVID. The problem is this. If you were hit by a train and at your autopsy it was determined that you were positive for COVID, In many cases it was reported as the cause of death. Now, if in such extreme cases COVID was blamed, think of all of the other more subtle instances where an unrelated disease or problem caused the death, but COVID was identified as the cause. You see, many hospitals were not differentiating between those that Had COVID and those that passed away from it.That is A HUGE difference. The explanation for this seems to be simple. It was widely reported that hospitals received higher financial benefits for COVID deaths.

After reading the fraud totals for PPP and related programs, just imagine the amount of unwarranted and fraudulent claims that this vote pandering scheme will cost Americans.

Chuck Schumer and AOC don’t care about American suffering. This is another headline grabbing attempt to try and make Democrats look like the party that cares. They know full well that this plan is going to be exploited to the max. and will cost taxpayers billions.

Thousands of deaths that were not caused by COVID, but were reported as such because of a manipulated system, will now haunt Americans further. Not to mention the claims that will simply be manufactured where no death even occurred.

One last thing. On the official “How to apply” form there is this notation: For families who lost a loved one early in the pandemic and COVID-19 was not listed as the cause of death, the death certificate can be amended and corrected by the hospital.

Let that sink in.  Someone that has died and has been either buried or cremated for several years, can now have their death certificate amended.

On what basis can that be done, if a cause of death (that wasn’t COVID) was already established when the patient passed away?

You Can’t Make It Up.