Monday, May 20, 2024

Biden’s student loan ‘forgiveness’ is all about buying votes

It’s now less than three weeks until midterm elections. On Friday, the White House put online an application site for Resident Biden’s student handout program. Could the timing of our bumbling sniffer-in-chief’s attempt to buy votes be any more convenient or any more blatant? 

First of all, it’s important to clarify what is really happening here. Student loans are not actually being “forgiven,” the debit is simply being transferred to you. It was a scam that was misnamed from the start. Nothing in this life is free, we all know that. Well, at least some of us do.

Those who defend this scheme would like for you to believe that hundreds of billions of dollars can suddenly vanish into thin air without any consequences for anyone. Another obvious fallacy.

There’s no doubt, however, that many impressionable first-time voters will gleefully take advantage of this giveaway and vote Democrat as payback.

So then what will happen when 45 million borrowers are no longer required to send in at least $10,000 apiece? Why, tax dollars will fill the vacuum, of course. You, the taxpayer, have just been afforded the opportunity to pay for a loan you did not take out, from which you received no benefits and actually never even saw. Oh, by the way, you’ll also be expected to compensate for the ensuing multi-billion dollar revenue shortfall as well.

As bad as all that sounds, another reason this gift is a very bad idea is that it will undoubtedly create the illusion among our nation’s youth that there IS such a thing as a free ride. Why wouldn’t they think that? After all, they were just handed one, encouraging them to think that it’s perfectly fine to expect free things from other people, not pay one’s own debts and not fulfill one’s obligations. An entire generation (at least) of college-age students has just been told that none of these things matter. 

Joe Biden has just made obsolete to many of our nation’s youth the concept of good character. 

And you and I will be paying for his glorified vote-buying scam for a very long  time.