Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Left Wants Your Children – And Not In A Way You’ll Like

Kari Lake, Arizona’s GOP gubernatorial candidate, has, hands-down, shown the kind of concern for America’s children that a leader should. Lake’s concern is warranted. Children in America, today, are the targets of levels of subversive maliciousness, never seen, in the history of this country.

In a recent interview with Breitbart, Lake stated “It’s really sad that we would have to write legislation to make sure our schools don’t teach our kids to be racist and don’t try to turn our boys into girls and our girls into boys… but we will if we have to.”

And Lake is right, on all counts.

Scott McKay, publisher of RVIVR, agrees with Lake, but feels legislation is not enough, and I would agree. McKay takes Lake’s idea further, saying “Next year every red state legislature needs to pass anti-child mutilation laws, not to mention Congress needs to send one to Biden’s desk and let him own a veto.”

Imagine, for a moment if you will, a bill on Biden’s desk, a bill that protects children from the predators and groomers whose goals are to confuse your child and groom them into the perfect, unstable victim, ready for a myriad of abuses, long-term mental health issues, degraded relationships with family, and lifelong identity and social issues.

Do you think Biden would veto such a bill? I certainly do. Why? Because that is precisely how this administration operates. It projects and deflects itself, as the source of the problem, onto those who are trying to fix it. And in this instance, its discerning parents getting the brunt of the backlash.

The Biden Administration’s support for affirming transgender care for minors is not only indisputable, it’s a well-placed cornerstone of the Left’s long term, malicious plans for America. What kind of leaders will a gender identity confused generation make?

And now, according to the New York Post, “Biden’s Title IX rules deputize teachers to override parents on gender identity.”

Interrupt the course of actions your schools are taking to groom your child, and YOU, the parent, become the problem, for not playing along with their game and supporting your child’s ‘new world view,’ when you know perfectly well, that it wasn’t your child’s world view, until said system got their hands on them.

When we look at this bass-ackwards policy a little deeper, we can deduce a broader perspective of how it fits into the Left’s agenda for America.

Fragile people. That’s what this is about.

Critical Race Theory and gender curricula and pedagogy are the antithesis of healthy development for a child, and developmental psychologists around the world should be ringing alarm bells.

It’s another war game, meant to mutilate and incapacitate our children’s bodies and minds, and the future of America.

Of course, we shouldn’t need a developmental psychologist to tell us that a child is not physically, mentally, or emotionally mature enough to make adult decisions. And now our government is telling us that they are?

The script flipped. But why?

Do we give our 4-year-olds cigarettes to smoke? No. Do we let them do drugs? No. Do we let them vote? No. Do we let them watch porn? NO.

But they can have sex changes? What?!

But they’ll vote soon enough, and if the left gets their way, we’ll have a nation of screaming victims standing in line for their handouts BECAUSE of their victimhood; perpetrated by the administration that vehemently protected and encouraged their ill-advised choices.

Why? Because the left wants them that way.

And the kicker…these unsuspecting souls will keep voting Democrat because they won’t have to work for anything, and it makes them feel validated. What a sweet deal for the left… a perfect entrapment… disguised by having “protected” the “freedom to choose”.

Fragile people are easy to control and abuse. And that is the bottom line as to why the left wants America’s children. You can’t subvert a nation into perpetual state of weakness by attacking its developed adult citizenry. You go for the children…and you do it while they’re YOUNG; then they, will subvert the nation FOR YOU, when they grow up.

Like the devil, malice comes in many forms, with seemingly innocent introductions that lead victims down dark and narrow paths of self-destruction, until they no longer know themselves, or where they are.

Such will be the future of America’s children, if we do not stop the evil that Critical Race Theory and gender curricula are, in their tracks.

America’s discerning parents are at war with the education system and medical establishment, and they need ALL the leaders behind them they can get.

It’s time to take our children back.