Saturday, May 18, 2024

Election Software CEO Arrested for Allegedly Providing American’s Data To China, Which Was True the Vote’s Concern All Along

According to a release by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, “Konnech Corporation Chief Executive Officer Eugene Yu was taken into custody on suspicion of theft of personal identifying information.”

You may have heard about them from their row with True the Vote, an organization oriented around election integrity, where Konnech sued them for defamation and getting into their data.

What does this company do?

“Konnech distributes and sells its proprietary PollChief software, which is an election worker management system that was utilized by the county in the last California election.”

The LA County release explains that, “Under its $2.9 million, five-year contract with the county, Konnech was supposed to securely maintain the data and that only United States citizens and permanent residents have access to it. District Attorney investigators found that in contradiction to the contract, information was stored on servers in the People’s Republic of China.”

Two days ago, On October 3rd, 2022,  the New York Times called the accusations of this organization having ties to China a conspiracy theory

It claims that “Konnech said none of the accusations were true. It said that all the data for its American customers were stored on servers in the US and that it had no ties to the Chinese government.” 

Yesterday, October 4th, the same NYT author reported on the arrest

“The company has been accused by groups challenging the validity of the 2020 presidential election with storing information about poll workers on servers in China. The company has repeatedly denied keeping data outside the United States. [LA County District Attorney] said investigators had found data stored in China. Holding the data there would violate Konnech’s contract with the county.”

True the Vote released a statement that can be found on the front page of their website

True the Vote is honored to have played a small role in what must have been a wide ranging and complex investigation. The organization is profoundly grateful to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office for their thorough work and rapid action in this matter.

True the Vote was sued last month by Konnech to try to silence our organization, including obtaining an ex-parte TRO, conducted in secret so that True the Vote had no opportunity to contest it. This TRO limited True the Vote’s ability to speak on the litigation. Today Konnech CEO Eugene Yu was arrested based on alleged evidence of the very activities he and his organization attempted to suppress. Konnech was assisted by many reporters who unblinkingly accepted their now discredited claims as fact, and simply repeated them.

According to True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht, “Election integrity should not be a partisan issue, nor should media try to suppress all conversation about it in a way that benefits one party. We will continue to report evidence of threats to our election process and work with law enforcement to ensure our elections are a secure space for all American voters.”