Sunday, July 21, 2024

The Various Methods Of Distributing Hurricane Relief

As you’re well aware hurricanes have torn through Florida and people are starting to rebuild. The hurricane obviously impacts everyone differently some people meet the wrath upfront while others just deal with the fallout of a severe thunderstorm. 

As people deal with the aftermath of this terrible event, what should be a simple solution has turned into an overcomplicated media frenzy about race.

And who was the person who lit the match that started it all? Why, it’s our very own vice president Kamala Harris! It feels like the Veep only comes out when she has an opportunity to talk about race issues. Aren’t you amazed how she can connect anything to being racist? She’s like a Race Magician; some of these political critters can just turn any sort of object into being about people being racist in America.

The Kamala Harris Method

If you haven’t read the news, Harris making a big deal about who should receive relief aid in Florida after the hurricane. Now I’m just an average man but to me, the people who should get relief first should be the people who have faced the most destruction. For example, a person that’s lost everything should probably receive aid first over someone who just had a few broken windows. It’s really as simple as that. And it’s a good bet that 99.9% of Americans see it that way.

But our vice president sees it a completely different way. She believes that aid relief should be given out based purely on your skin color.

So if you are of the Caucasian persuasion the vice president does not want to give you hurricane relief, or you maybe get what’s left of it when all the slavery-reparation hurricane aid is doled out.  She also went on to say in a passive-aggressive manner that if we didn’t use the woke method it’s proof the people giving out the relief are racist. One can’t help but to be quite impressed about how the vice president can just turn anything into an issue about race.  So I connected with some of my resources in the White House and rumor has it that the vice president had some other ideas on how to distribute aid to people in Florida. 

The Ron DeSantis Forumla 

The vice president had the idea of distributing aid based on who liked the Florida governor the most. People that liked the governor the most would receive a check last and then people who disliked him got to be first in line.

The Book Buy method

As you know the vice president has written some books that no one’s ever heard of. But those who have receipts that show a purchase of one of her books titled “Smart on Crime” or “The Truths We Hold” will receive aid first. If you have proof that you bought both books then you will be flown out of Florida to a private villa filled with stacks of hurricane relief cash. 

The Immigrant Method 

As you know in the news the governors of Texas and Florida have been sending immigrants to sanctuary cities. Some of these immigrants were rerouted to the vice president’s home and you can tell she wasn’t very happy about it because she triple security. Even to this day, I don’t believe she’s allowed one of these immigrants to enter her home. With that being said she had an idea that if you agreed to take some of the immigrants and let them live in your house after it’s been rebuilt that made you eligible to receive hurricane relief aid in Florida first.