Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Gloria Allred’s Arrival In The 2022 Midterms, And What It Says

Everybody here knows about Gloria Allred, right? Good. Now we don’t have to go through the long history of her grotesque media antics and extortionary practice of “gotcha” law, running to the press with scurrilous accusations against public figures in an effort to disgrace them for profit and politics.

Allred started with Bob Packwood in 1992, and that’s progressed through to, among countless others, Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, and…now Herschel Walker.

Just two weeks before Election Day.

On a day when Walker’s surge against Raphael Warnock mushroomed into a four-point lead, no less…

Republican Herschel Walker regained his largest lead over Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) in the Georgia Senate race, a Wednesday Moore Information Group poll found.

Walker now leads Warnock by four points (46-42). Far-left libertarian candidate Chase Oliver polled at three percent.

Walker’s lead is notably above the three point margin of error. The survey sampled respondents from October 22-25. Additional data was not immediately available.

Wednesday’s poll represents the greatest lead Walker has had over Warnock since early April, when an Emerson poll revealed Walker was leading by four points (49-45 percent).

Since the spring, the race tightened, with Warnock leading by as much as seven points. But as the race has reached its final stretch, the polls have swung back in Walker’s favor. A Trafalgar poll from October 21-23 found Warnock leading by two points.

“Herschel Walker is pulling away from Raphael Warnock in Georgia,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee said in a statement. “As voters learn more about Warnock’s horrible voting record, the eviction of tenets from his church’s low-income housing unit, and more, they are turning to Herschel to once again champion their state.”

Speaking of Trafalgar, their latest poll also shows a burgeoning Walker lead…

The Peach State is reverting to red, according to a new Trafalgar/Daily Wire poll.

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp has a commanding, near 7-point lead in his rematch against Stacey Abrams, and Herschel Walker is on pace to flip the Senate seat held by Raphael Warnock to the GOP, according to the poll. The former University of Georgia and NFL great holds a 48.9-46.5 lead over Warnock, who was elected in a special election in January 2021.

All this after the Democrats and the Warnock campaign had broken the glass on a scurrilous accusation that Walker had paid for an abortion for a woman with whom he purportedly had sex in 2008. After a brief dip for Walker in the polls, voters rightly brushed that off as immaterial to the race.

Given that, who’s surprised that Allred would show up with this textbook bit of sleaze?

Celebrity feminist attorney Gloria Allred will hold a press conference Wednesday with an unnamed woman who will accuse Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker of once driving her to an abortion clinic to abort their unborn baby.

Allred issued a press release hours ahead of the event saying the woman, whom Allred referred to as “Jane Doe,” will “allege that she had a romantic, intimate relationship with Herschel Walker and that he drove her to an abortion clinic to have an abortion after she became pregnant as a result of her relationship with him.”

Allred, who is based in California, will hold the press conference at her office in Los Angeles, but the accuser will appear virtually via Zoom rather than in person.

Allred noted in the press release that cameras will be permitted at her office but that she will be enforcing a coronavirus vaccine and mask mandate for those who wished to attend.

“You must show proof of vaccination and wear a mask in the office. … Jane Doe will not do interviews after the press conference,” the press release read.

The allegation from the left-wing attorney and her client comes after the Daily Beast reported at the beginning of October that Walker, who is vocally pro-life, was being accused by the mother of one of his four children of paying for her to have an abortion in 2009.

Sen. Tom Cotton, who was campaigning for Walker in Georgia Wednesday, had some fun with the Allred clownshow before it went public…

That these allegations shouldn’t be taken seriously goes without saying. It turns out that the accusation being made is more than three decades old. And anonymous.

And ever so predictable.

This kind of politics is all the Democrats have left, when basically every single one of their candidates could never meet the moral standards they demand of their opponents, and very few even bother trying. They’re a collection of sex-pests, bribe-takers, moral degenerates, exortionists, societal wreckers, pedophiles and traitors, and they destroy literally everything they touch.

Georgians are markedly worse off since Raphael Warnock took office, and their declining fortunes are directly attributable to policies that he voted for. That’s why he’s now losing to a first-time political candidate with an imperfect background; nobody is holding Herschel Walker out as the second coming of Jesus regardless of his well-deserved celebrity as an athlete and a favorite son in Georgia.

But rather than defend that record and its results, the Democrats are throwing plates indiscriminately in Walker’s direction regardless of the personal cost to him and his family – just like, in Pennsylvania, they’re feeding a stroke victim, barely sentient at this point, into the political maelstrom. After subjecting the nation to a Joe Biden puppet presidency amid the most irregular American election in nearly 150 years.

They’ll do literally anything to achieve political power, which makes them precisely the worst people to have it.

Gloria Allred belongs nowhere near American politics. But she’s hardly alone in that respect among the discredited ghouls and goblins of the Left.