Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Groomers Turning Kids Trans Is The Hill To Die On

“They realized that to be in power you didn’t need guns, you didn’t even need numbers, you just needed the will to do what the other guy wouldn’t”

– The Usual Suspects

Conservatives will never win. Americans are going to lose. Without a shift to revivalism to replace conservatism, we are going to lose.



Socialists – not liberals, those are all but gone, but hard-core socialists – are here to fight a war. They’re here to change the world, to get rid of us, our history, and our future.

We “conservatives,” on the other hand, are here to depose a few politicians (who will immediately be making more in think tanks, lecturing at Harvard, and as contributors on CNN) and stop the Trans queens from flashing their genitals in our kids’ faces.

See the difference?

Everyone keeps talking about ‘the silent majority.”

“We have the numbers! Wait ’til the giant wakes!”

Numbers mean nothing when the people making up those numbers don’t have the will or reason to stand up and fight.

Or simply don’t remember what a fight is.

Let me demonstrate.

There is nothing in a society, tribe, or family more valuable than children. Romantic notions aside, women are there to produce a child.

Men are there to protect the women and the children they produce.

Men don’t have the ability to bring forth life. We are here to protect it.

That’s nature.

That’s how species survive.

That’s how cultures prevail.

All the rest – money, culture, crappy movies, and good motorcycles – is secondary. If you don’t succeed at propagating, you die out.

Romans, Assyrians, Cimmerians, Europeans – there are thousands of dead cultures and empires.

You are welcome to produce great literature, build pyramids, and write operas or the Kama Sutra, but if you forget this basic rule of nature, all that’s gonna be left of you are rocks and writings that no one understands.

It’s simple: no children, no future.

Sometimes even slogans get it right.

Flash to us.

You can look away from abortions. I know it’s a messed up thing to say but it’s not you that’s doing it. It’s someone else.

You can look away from the destruction of our culture. Yeah, in the end, it’ll be the end of us all but right now, you’re not the one doing it.

A smart person can rationalize almost anything.

There is no way to rationalize or turn away from this new normal of our children being taken over and mutilated.

It’s in plain sight. Not hidden.

To ‘transform’ a male child into a female, “doctors” use anti-androgens and GnRH antagonists. Besides the surgery which makes the inquisition look logical and humane.

These are the same drugs that made the “human rights” activists have a blowout when conservatives suggested the chemical castration of pedophiles.

A convicted pedophile has a 91.9 percent recidivism rate. There’s a 92 percent chance he will hurt another child and destroy their life.

This process of mutilating a child is not acceptable when applied to pedophiles, but it’s a-ok when is used on your kid.

We know it. It’s not hidden.

You and I, we know what they teach the kids in school.

You and I, we know how easy it is to influence and brainwash a kid is.

We know exactly what they’ll do to our kids.

We know exactly how this ends for them.

We know.

And we stand and do nothing.

There is no time, “kids need socialization, homeschooling is weird, it takes a village,” blah, blah, blah.

We do not get to rationalize this one.

Because this is the point of no return. As soon as we decide that protecting our kids is not the all overriding priority, we stop existing as a people.

And we deserve what we get.

It doesn’t matter that we’ve been brainwashed, it doesn’t matter what the TV, your neighbors, or your family thinks.

If you don’t protect your children you are nothing, on the road to nowhere and you deserve nothing more.

Do you want to see how this ends?

Look at South Africa.

Same culture as the US. Same people.

Fought the British, at the peak of the empire, without France to help them as the American founders did. Fought the Zulu empire, the whole reason for ‘apartheid.” Fought communists for 30 years.

Beat them all.

Tough as nails, smart, free.

The world convinced them that they were evil and that they have no right to exist.

They stopped fighting, stopped living, and gave their future, the future of their children, away.

Now they are exterminated by their own government and no one cares.

It does not take numbers. It does not take guns.

It takes will.

A will to fight. Not compete. Not struggle.

The struggle is defense.

And if you going to defend anything, you will ultimately lose.

Bruce Lee used to say “no matter how good you are or how bad the guy in front of you sucks – if he is willing to give up his life to break your nose, you’ll be bleeding shortly.”

You can defend yourself against one punch, maybe two. A third only gets blocked on TV. Take it from a guy who has a big mouth and gets too worked up to duck. A broken nose hurts.

The socialists know that their chosen wake, Cultural Marxist utopia can not coexist with freedom-based, individualistic capitalism.

They don’t come to talk, they don’t care to know your opinion. They want you gone.

By any means necessary.

“I asked, Well, what is going to happen to those people we can’t reeducate, that are diehard capitalists?” And the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated.

“And when I pursued this further, they estimated they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers.”

– Larry Grawolth talking to Bill Ayers, Weather underground terrorist and Barack Obama’s mentor.

This is what we are facing.

Civilization is a distraction. It’s a sweet, comfortable distraction but that’s all it is.

We are in a war and we’re losing. Losing badly.

And will continue to do so until we realize that war is not a game of softball. There are no second chances or Queensberry rules.

The second best feeds worms.

And if we lose, there is no place to run to.

This is the last free country. We are the last free people.

This is our Alamo.

Our children, if they live will live as slaves.

You can’t afford to be a conservative anymore. Conservatism has brought us here.

It takes revivalism. It takes conservatism on offense. Starting with the trans kids. If this isn’t the moment the pushback – the loud, angry, fully-engaged pushback which sends the woke communist crowd fleeing in terror at the societal revolt they’ve unleashed – begins in earnest, we will lose our society and our people and the world will descend into darkness.

Those are the stakes. Are you willing to make a stand?